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Dr Rachel Aarons at The Curated Clinic

What They Say

The Curated Clinic is a bespoke Aesthetics and Skincare haven in Earlsfield, South-West London. Dr Rachel Aarons is one of London’s go-to Aesthetics Doctors for those seeking a more personal, tailored and honest approach to non-surgical facial rejuvenation and skincare. Over her 15 years working as a doctor, Rachel has gained a wealth of experience within the fields of general Practice, aesthetics, dermatology and surgery. Those who visit will enjoy an unhurried consultation with a holistic treatment and benefit from exacting standards of precision and safety.

The Process

They say that the mark of a good hairdresser is when they themselves have perfect hair. Well, Dr Rachel Aarons has fantastic skin. She greets me at the front door of her home in Earlsfield, where she works from a beautifully designed (or Curated…ouch, yes, I went there) Clinic in what would be her front room. The space is clean and modern but oh-so-stylish and lacks the clinical feel that most treatment rooms bear. There is even a gorgeous coal fire blazing in the hearth. First impressions are everything, and the Curated Clinic feels luxurious, cosy (it’s winter) and rather Instagram-worthy.

We sit down on the sofa together and have a bit of a natter before we get down to it. I’ve tried Botox before, but, this time, I’m after a more subtle effect than the complete works. I tell Dr Rachel that I want to diminish the lines around my eyes and frown, but keep some subtle movement in my forehead. Dr Rachel talks me through how every person’s muscles are different, so it’s always good to start with less (that’s what the top-up session is for). We go for a moderate amount of baby Botox for my forehead, leaving eyebrow movement but with fewer lines forming above, as well as a nice dose around my crow’s feet and frown lines.

Dr Rachel also takes the time to talk through the risks with me. She is very open about her passion for aesthetic treatments and even tells me that she wishes she’d started doing them a little earlier (not too early!), but she wants her clients to have all the information so that they can make the right decisions for them.

Then she gets to work. I can barely feel the injections as she works her way around my face. Apparently, it’s because she has some incredibly good needles, and I don’t doubt it for a second. We then talk through the aftercare and the importance of leaving the area alone for 8 hours. I don’t feel in the least bit embarrassed to ask some stupid question (ahem, what happens if I sneeze?).

The Results

I think this might be the most natural and undetectable look that I’ve ever experienced from anti-wrinkle injections. My crow’s feet and frown lines are completely gone but my forehead still moves, just lightly. This is exactly what I asked for and I’m thrilled. The experience too was joyful.

The Details

Anti-wrinkle injections start at £140; three areas is £250.

www.thecuratedclinic.com; 07725888974; 9 Trewint St, London SW18 4HA

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