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The Hydrafacial at Dr Joney de Souza

The Blurb

Based in the heart of Marylebone opposite Chiltern Street, Dr Joney de Souza’s is a name synonymous amongst skin care enthusiasts with ‘the natural look.’ That’s not to say that the treatments on offer here are low-key; the clinic menu boasts everything from injectables to laser treatment, including to Morpheus 8 (a type of subdermal microneedling) and Sculpsure (laser-based body contouring). The clinic, I note as I type it into Google Maps, also boasts a remarkable 4.9 stars. No easy feat, given the discerning clientele who frequent this fashionable neighbourhood.

The Process

I visit mid-summer for a signature Hydrafacial with added boosters. Including the much coveted ‘J-Lo anti-ageing Serum’. I’m greeted at the door by the lovely Roma.

Performed using the latest in hydrafacial technology,‘ the hydrafacial is an extremely popular treatment’, explains Roma, because it ‘combines the powers of exfoliation, hydration and extraction’. Often billed as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ procedure, at Dr Joney De Souza’s the Hydrafacial is fully customisable. Roma explains that ‘everybody’s skin is different’ and as such, has different needs. The bespoke service tailors the add-ons in accordance with the client’s skin type, environment, diet, hormones and age. A service that no doubt attracts their enviable roster of A-list clientele – but (alas) Roma won’t name names, they’re far too classy for that.

My skin is quite dry, so Roma recommends a hydration booster that will restore the dewy look that I’ve recently been missing.

Considering the many steps involved in this supercharged Hydrafacial, it’s actually very relaxing, particularly the infra-red light therapy which combats inflammation and encourages the production of collagen.

The Results

My skin is so glowing, that when I step out of the salon into the midday sun I’m blinded by the dazzle from my own cheekbones. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

The Details

A Hydrafacial at Dr Joney De Souza’s starts at £220


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