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Dr Dray Clinic, Kensington

The blurb

The London branch of Dr Dray’s clinic is discreetly located down a picturesque street in South Kensington. It’s a very beautiful space, with a design that emulates Parisian chic. The practitioners who work there have been there for decades, and they travel back and forth from their flagship clinic in Paris – it’s all very seductive.

What they say:

‘Dr Dray’s 25+ years of experience, combined with his natural methods and first-class results have earned him worldwide fame and recognition. All the cutting edge treatments can be provided to you as a customised programme at either his London or Paris clinics.

The Mesolift, invented by Dr Maurice Dray himself, is an aesthetic mesotherapy treatment which involves injecting a medical cocktail – custom-made according to your skin’s needs – based on hyaluronic acid with the best antioxidants around (vitamins, minerals, plants, elastin…). Among the great advantages of this beauty treatment, the Mesolift instantly improves the skin’s complexion, it hydrates from within, prolonging youthful skin.’

The Process

Having browsed through the treatments available to me several times over, I went into my consultation with a clear idea of what I wanted: the trademark Mesolift. However, after listening to my goals, Benjamin suggested that what I needed was something else entirely. He explained why the treatments I’d been looking at wouldn’t have the effect I wanted and suggested others that would be a better fit…

I’d never considered treatments like fillers or Botox before in my life. In hindsight, given how mainstream these things now are, I wonder why I hadn’t. But I was here, and I knew I was in the hands of experts, so I went for it. We decided on baby Botox in my forehead – a small amount, so as not to scare me – and a small amount of hyaluronic acid filler in my chin, to bring my jawline forward. We also did a Mesolift, to brighten up my complexion.

The Results

Firstly, can we talk about the Mesolift? Oh my. I am a dew hunter (matte be damned) and I have tried it all – highlighters, primers, oils, anything that might bring out a healthy-looking glow – but nothing has ever come even close to how flawless my face looked the day after my Mesolift. The process of administering it was more refreshing than anything: it didn’t hurt a bit. They treated my neck as well, which was such a relief, as – try as I might – I never end up being able to give my neck as much love as my face gets.

The effects of the baby Botox were subtle but ideal. I could still move my muscles, but my normal expressions didn’t cause my forehead or eyes to crinkle. It doesn’t feel weird or scary at all, and you’d never be able to tell unless I told you! This, combined with the Mesolift, made me feel airbrushed for days to come.

The small measure of chin fillers were subtler still. The very slight alteration to the angles from my chin actually made my cheekbones (and even lips) look more prominent. I never thought my face could look like this, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.


A Meso Lift is £200.00 per session, Botox is £450.00 and Hyaluronic Acid is £450.00 per syringe

Dr Dray Clinic, 20 Canning Place, W8 5AD

Email info@drdray.co.uk for a consultation.




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