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Dr Dean Robaye at the Sloane Clinic, Harley Street

The Blurb

Dean Rhobaye is a leading authority and specialist in minimally invasive and non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures with an additional background of thirteen years of experience in plastic reconstructive and aesthetic Surgery.

It’s no surprise that Dr Dean is a fountain of knowledge. His background in plastic surgery and high standards for all things aesthetics are evident in the way he speaks. We start the consult with a discussion of the things I’ve tried in the past. Dr Dean is very much about choosing the right treatment for you and is very discerning about picking the right practitioner. Tips? Do your research. Look at the before and after photos with a judgmental eye (for instance: are the Instagram before-and-after images presented truthfully? Is the client’s face at the same angle in both images?). Dr Dean also notes that experience and training do not necessarily a good medical aesthetician make, they need to have a well-rounded level of experience, training and understanding of aesthetics.

If you’re looking for someone who will be refreshingly honest about the industry and the impact of treatments, and about your face, then Dr Dean is your guy. He seems to be a perfectionist and takes the time to talk through the impact that Botox and fillers can have on the face with long-term use. He says that – as the beauty industry is now starting to see – filler will last for a lot longer than we initially believed, in some cases, for years and years. He explained that it’s a psychological phenomenon to think you need more because when you get used to your appearance, you start to think it’s gone back to normal. The risk is that incremental changes over time then lead you to look ‘fake’. He also suggested that if I were to get Botox, very little and often would have the desired effect. Not only does it avoid the dreaded frozen look, but it does what it’s meant to do by working as a preventative treatment for lines and wrinkles. With Botox, consistency is the key.

The Process

After this incredibly informative chat, we then looked at my chin. A few years ago I had braces, and my jaw was moved slightly to make room for my teeth. My teeth are now straight, but I’ve had a slight overbite since then (which will be to the detriment of Christmas gift wrapping for the rest of my days).

To compensate for this new overbite, the muscles in my chin have been trying to pull my lip up to close the gap, which means that my chin is no longer lining up with the rest of my face. To correct this, Dr. Dean applied a tiny (and I mean tiny) amount of filler to the tip of my chin. It was a very gentle experience, but exactly what I’d wanted, and I’d rather that than my money’s worth of a whole load of filler that I just didn’t need.

The Results

I did have a dull ache in my chin for the next few days, which I was warned about, but no bruising.

The results are, dare I say it, perfect. I’ve been catching myself in mirrors and admiring my brand-new jawline. The tiniest tweak has made the hugest difference to my face. I had been hanging back and avoiding getting this topped up for a while, and now I’m not sure why I waited so long. Dr Dean is a true professional, and the bar has been raised incredibly high for the next time I visit a clinic.

The Details

10 Harley Street, W1G 9PF


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