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Cranio-sacral Therapy at Triyoga

The Blurb:

Cranio-sacral therapy was originally developed by an osteopath. ‘It is founded on the concept that the body-mind complex has the innate ability to heal itself,’ practitioner Pawel Wiacek says. ‘As practitioners of this therapy, we connect to the underlying health of the system and encourage a free flow of vitality by supporting the system in release restrictions, tensions and traumas.’

The Process:

For my therapy I visited Triyoga in Chelsea. The studio is modern and impressive with architectural beams and a slate and stone colour scheme. Huddled round the trendy snack bar serving soya lattes and quinoa cereal bars was a selection of 40-somethings, annoyingly toned and serene young women and some gay guys stretching. There is also a little shop where you can pick up some aromatherapy treats or a yoga mat.

Pawel, my monk-like therapist, had a strange stillness and almost sung when he spoke. He asked me to take my shoes off before a little chat about my lifestyle and he asked if I had anything on my mind. I didn’t want to bore him but I did feel as if I could open up to him so we discussed a few of my recent concerns. He then asked me to lie down (fully clothed) on the treatment table which is when the therapy commenced. He started by placing his cool hands over my bare feet while he meditated. He then worked his way around my body placing his hands on my tummy, thighs, head and chest.

He had warned me that sometimes this therapy evoked strange emotions to which I internally thought ‘weirdo’ but to my surprise I started to feel strangely gloomy when he reached my torso which stayed with me throughout the day. This is when it all got a little too strange for my liking as he asked me if I had ever had a drowning experience as a 12-year-old. I hadn’t.

The Result:

I felt incredibly calm after the treatment, if not a little freaked out. I can see how it works for some people but for me it was a little too crystals and campfires.

Cranio-sacral therapy £70 for one-hour session.

Triyoga, 372 King’s Road, London, SW3; www.triyoga.co.uk; 020 7483 3344

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