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Colour Tuesdays at RUSH Salons

The Blurb

If you haven’t seen or been to a RUSH salon before, then, my goodness, you must have been living under a rock. A staple for the younger crowd, RUSH salons are conveniently spread out across towns and cities in the UK. I know this because I travel a lot for work, sometimes staying away from my favourite salons for weeks on end, and if I’ve ever found myself in an unfamiliar town or city and in desperate need of a hair fix, I have often opted for a cut and blowdry in the old-familiar chain. RUSH is the place I know I can go for a guaranteed stylish cut that won’t break the bank.

On the other hand, I have never had my hair dyed at RUSH before, but with the new year breaking holes in everyone’s pockets, I thought I’d try on their incredibly well-priced Colour Tuesdays for size.

The Process

A visit to RUSH comes with all the trimmings. I was seated amongst the millennial pink interiors and primed with a cup of tea and some fresh cranberry juice in a comfy chair, where I people-watched passers-by for a moment or two before meeting Nik.

My hair was, frankly, a mess. The last time I’d had it treated, it ended up in a regrettable place with chunks of different shades of blonde and thick, unnatural-looking highlights. I needed a total reboot. I told him that I wanted the tone to be ashier, and for the highlights to grow out more naturally.

Nik immediately started sifting through my hair, chatting through his plans with a friendly, warm demeanour. Firstly, he put in baby lights – highlights that are spread out a little more than your standard go-to. This would balance out the tone at the roots, without putting too much bleach on the rest of the hair. He then applied a freehand balayage to blend the colour at the ends in line with the rest of the hair. Nik took care with each strand and applied the dye with the utmost precision. It was a big job. Next, he applied a root blend to ensure that everything grew out incredibly naturally; and an ashy toner to seal in the look. Finally, a cut and blow dry to get rid of the crispy ends and tidy up the layers, and we were done.

Nik was free with his personal recommendations of products that he’d clearly tried and tested of his own accord. I then got some excellent aftercare advice. The best news? Because of my hair type and the choices Nik had made, with occasional use of a silver shampoo, I wouldn’t need to come back for at least 6 months!

The Results

I absolutely love my revamped hair. The colour is perfect and it looks and feels so healthy and natural. I will definitely be adding RUSH to my list of go-to colour destinations.

The Details

RUSH have branches in Kensington, Clapham, Shepherd’s Bush, Chiswick, Ealing, Hammersmith and Strand, as well as all over the UK.

Prices start at £107 for balayage and highlights and £52 for a cut and blow dry. Half-price services for a cut & colour are every Tuesday.

Find your nearest salon and book via www.rush.co.uk

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