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Cheek Fillers with Dr Marco at Dr Rita Rakus Clinic

The Blurb

Dr Marco is an aesthetic practitioner at the prestigious Dr Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge.

Celebrity favourite, and one of the world’s leading cosmetic clinics, Dr Rita Rakus has established an enviable reputation as a centre for excellence in medical aesthetics and as the clinic of choice for pioneering techniques and cosmetic treatments.

The Process

I’d had temporary cheek fillers a year earlier, and loved the result. I arrived at the clinic thinking I’d like more of the same, but on closer inspection, one side had lost considerably more volume over the preceding year, leaving me rather asymmetric.

The dashing Dr Marco cast his expert eye across my face and immediately clocked the asymmetry, noting that the left cheek was considerably fuller than the right. Initially I was still keen on more filler in both, but looking at pictures he was totally right.

We discussed exactly where to put more volume, carefully examining my face in a mirror. Dr Marco agreed and carefully marked this out before inserting a small cannula to insert the filler slowly and gradually.

Despite my needle phobia this was actually pretty painless. He filled the exact areas we’d agreed, removing the cannula for me to check in the mirror as he went. Dr Marco matched my right cheek to the left, creating a totally natural result, and actually making me appear less ‘done’ than before he started – when one cheek was noticeably different from the other.

The Results

I couldn’t be happier. Dr Marco was totally right to only fill one side, correcting the asymmetry and taking years off me in the process. My cheeks are now perfectly balanced, full in the right places, while remaining chiselled at the cheekbone.

Bruising was minimal, maybe a very faint shadow a couple of days after, and I was fine to get on with my day immediately after leaving the clinic!

The Details

34 Hans Road, 
London SW3 1RW
020 7460 7324
Dr Marco Nicoloso used 2 syringes of Aliaxin filler at £790/syringe


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