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'Dr Haus is one of a handful of international power derms'

Botox with Dr Haus

The blurb

Dr Haus is one of a handful of international power derms; on speed-dial to the rich and beautiful, and with the calm air of a man hounded by supermodels, his work is both meticulous and transformative.

There is controversy about who really started the trend for ‘baby Botox’—unnoticeable, preventative rejuvenation without freezing features or creating a tell-tale deer-in-the-headlights look. Every world-class derm claims it as their brainchild. But whether it was was coined by Dr Haus or not (and I have no reason to doubt him), this is exactly the result Maestro Haus achieves with his impeccable eye.

The process

Botox isn’t hugely painful ever, but unlike other derms, Dr Haus applies anaesthetic cream 15 minutes before treatment. Brownie points bagged and cashed.

It’s a recent requirement that everyone have a consultation and 48 hour cooling-off period between consultation and injectables. Perhaps a good move considering the many cowboy practitioners licensed to administer Botox, but Dr Haus really listens to what you want, and might even know better than you think you do what you would like.

Botox is so ubiquitous it’s often applied ‘by numbers’, with set quantities administered to certain points on the face, all dictated by generic manufacturer’s instructions. But Dr Haus is a Da Vinci in a sea of painter-decorators. Careful judgement of exact amount and position is where his aesthetic comes into its own.

​The results

I’d had Botox a couple of times before. The first time time I loved, whereas the second was more ‘paint by numbers’, with a private GP administering the amount prescribed by Allergan in pre-dictated areas. While both times my forehead lines were softened, the first left me much better looking than the second in an intangible way.

They say third time lucky, and Dr Haus achieved everything I loved about my first foray into Botox, but if possible the result was even better. Experience and a good eye are worth their weight in gold, and beautiful people in the public eye can’t afford to look anything less than perfect. Or—worse—changed or ‘worked upon’. Dr Haus achieves both the former and neither of the latter effortlessly.

Back in real life, no one noticed I’d had anything done. My super-conservative mother commented that I looked ‘healthy and well’, and my organic ‘love you with no makeup’ boyfriend said I looked ‘more beautiful than [I’d] ever looked’. Both none the wiser, both suckers for my new Dr Haus love affair.

The details

Wrinkle reducing injections, from £190

Dr Ariel Haus, 140 Harley Street, W1G; 020 7935 6358; www.drhausdermatology.com

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