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'Every patient leaves totally happy, with the ideal effect for their face'

Botox with Belgravia Dermatology at Wilbraham Place

The blurb

Dr Harry and Dr Saj at Belgravia Dermatology use a botox technique they have termed “subtle harmony”, the idea being that botox is used to improve fine lines and radiance but without looking obvious, so no one else can tell that you have had the treatment.

The process

I arrived at a smart Victorian clinic on Sloane Square’s Wilbreham Place, where I was ushered to a large, comfortable waiting area to fill in a medical history form as a jovial Dr Harry appeared and took me through to his spacious consultation room.

I’d had wrinkle-reducing injections a few times before and was fairly clear about the effect I wanted, and the effect I definitely didn’t. In freezing (or softening) the forehead muscles, Botox can cause the inner two thirds of the eyebrows to drop a few millimetres, which many people like, as it raises the outer eyebrows, giving a more feline look.

I, however, am not a fan, and wondered if it would be possible to decrease the muscle strength in the forehead (thus discouraging wrinkle formation) without losing any lift in the centre of the eyebrows. I know from experience that it isn’t usually, but Dr Harry did something incredibly clever, injecting more Botox in the area of muscle that counters the droop, and managed to leave me smooth as a baby’s bottom while maintaining height in the centre of my eyebrows.

I went back a fortnight later for my follow-up with Dr Saj, who checked everything was 100% symmetrical and added a tiny bit more. Their attitude is very much less is more, and they err on the side of caution, waiting for the full results to take effect before adding more, only if necessary and in small increments. This goes far above and beyond most cosmetic doctors’ approach, and means every patient leaves totally happy, with the ideal effect for their face.

The results

As you’ve probably gathered, brilliant. In fact I’d even go as far as to say it’s the best Botox I’ve ever had, by a Sloane mile.

The details

Botox from £300

Belgravia Dermatology, Wilbraham Place Practice, 9A Wilbraham Place, SW1X 9AE (and an additional Belgravia Dermatology has just opened east, at 6 Ludgate Square London, EC4M 7AS);; 0207 112 8622

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