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'The star addition to the treatment was the Opera LED Light Therapy Mask'

Bodyvie Signature Facial

The blurb

Bodyvie Signature Facials are intensive, medical-grade treatments designed by Dr Andrew Weber for his eponymous London clinic. The Bodyvie Signature Facial is customised to every individual’s skincare needs and can tackle a range of concerns, including brightening and hydrating mature skin, improving texture and calming sensitive skin, or helping to clear and treat oily problem areas.

For my treatment, they also added the Opera LED Light Therapy Treatment Mask, ‘an advanced device designed to address wrinkles and fine lines while increasing hydration to the face and neck area’. LED lights help to stimulate the rejuvenation of the skin and simultaneously combat issues such as acne or sun damage.

The process

The clinic is tucked away on a leafy Richmond road and upon arriving I instantly switched frequencies and began to wind down in anticipation of the treatment. The consultation with my therapist Bhumika Patel was informed by high-definition images of my skin, including on the spot UV photos to determine the level of sun damage, which were taken seconds earlier using a purpose-built custom camera.

Together with the customary medical survey, the photos helped to accurately diagnose the current condition of my skin and made it clear and easy to agree on the direction for customising the procedure. For me, enlarged capillaries close to the skin’s surface meant that we would go lightly with the dermabrasion in those areas, while keeping the regular intensity around other areas.

Bhumika started by cleansing the skin and removing all surface impurities and any dirt and pollution. The next step was dermabrasion, a gentle resurfacing of the skin intended to gently remove the dead upper layers and stimulate circulation and collagen production by revealing younger layers underneath. Because of Bhumika’s clearly practiced hands, the dermabrasion was—dare I say—enjoyable, and felt more along the lines of a resurfacing massage, without pulling on the skin or causing discomfort.

The next mask was gently set on my face and then peeled off, removing anything that may have been left in the open pores.

The star addition to the treatment was the Opera LED Light Therapy Mask, which used LED lights to rejuvenate the skin and simultaneously combat issues such as acne or sun damage. This was a pleasant non-intrusive experience that made me feel like a glamorous James Bond villain at the same time as allowing for a more realistic little snooze while the therapist stepped out to allow me to settle down.

The results

A tailored high-quality experience that deserves to be part of your regular maintenance routine rather than just a one-off treat.

The details

Bodyvie signature facial from £80; LED phototherapy add-on £20/10 minutes, £30/20 minutes

Bodyvie, 133-135 Kew Road, Richmond, TW9 2PN; 020 3773 7956; www.bodyvie.com

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