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Bloom Facial at Cherry Woods Clinic

The Blurb:

The Bloom Facial is designed to target facial ageing from multiple angles. It claims to kick-start the skin’s metabolism and energise skin cells. By delivering clinically-proven active ingredients deep into the skin, including high levels of vitamins A and C, it repairs sun-damaged skin, scar tissue and pigmentation. Cherry’s technique clears the skin through manual lymphatic drainage, deep cleansing and lactic acid peeling.

Cherry is discreet about her numerous celebrity clients, but rumour has it she was Liz Hurley’s make-up artist during her heyday.

The Process:

First Cherry steamed, exfoliated and prepped with a combination of cleansers, wielding a microsonic vibrating device to clean even deeper.

Environ’s lactic acid peel was painted on and removed with hot eucalyptus towels. While steaming the face, my feet were rubbed down with more hot eucalyptus towels. A cool blast of high-pressured organic chamomile was then spritzed, followed by a facial toner.

Cherry favours reflexology as a diagnostic tool to detect issues that can influence the skin and its health. After a relaxing prodding massage, Cherry stumbled upon a tender point on my foot, correlating to the adrenal glands. Pressing it actually gave me palpitations but let us know my adrenals needed nurturing.

Next on the list was low frequency sonophoresis; using highly absorbable active vitamin A in the form of retinyl palmitate, vitamin C and colostrum, Cherry used the Ionzyme® DF ll Machine specifically designed for the use of Environ’s active ingredients. Low frequency sonophoresis creates tiny bubbles within the upper layers of the skin, allowing active ingredients to penetrate.

Lymphatic drainage, manual pressure point massage and Cherry’s facial, neck and shoulder massage helped to ease the muscle strain that both results in and is the result of facial frowning and fatigue.

Finally, a lifting botanical mask was applied. All products were then removed with hot towels, the skin blasted with high-pressured organic chamomile and an active vitamin A, C and E moisturiser was applied. Finally, she finished with antioxidant-rich sun protection.

The Result:

I left slightly shiny, but glowing. I particularly dislike the waxy sheen left after a facial, but a couple of days later my skin was still glowing.  Amongst my dried-out hair, peeling broken nails and weight fluctuations, my easy-going skin has always been a high point. Without any specific issues to complain of, it’s hard to say whether I saw an improvement, but Cherry’s client list speaks for itself. Her knowledge is indubitable, her process thorough and her approach informed.

£75 for a 75 minute facial.

19a King Street, Richmond, London, TW9; www.cherrywoodsclinic.com; 077 9271 3476

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