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Aveda Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial at Gina Conway

The Blurb:

Located near Planet Organic and a selection of trendy restaurants and bars, Gina Conway Aveda is the perfect place to retreat for indulgence; you can get anything from a basic cut and style to a six hour ‘Decadence’ aromatherapy package after your grocery shop, lunch and a glass of Merlot.

The Process:

As I enter I’m met by my therapist, who is apparently unfazed by my tardiness. The main hair salon is upstairs but as you venture downstairs, you’re transported to an oasis of tranquility; arrangements of flowers, fresh fruit and candles throughout.

The therapist starts with a consultation, asking me about my daily skincare routine. I tell her I wash my face and moisturise twice a day and that that’s really as technical as it gets. However, I’m concerned about the prospect of fine lines starting to appear.

The Botanical Skin Resurfacing facial provides an alternative to conventional microdermabrasion in the form of Pink Tourmaline; semi precious stones ground into a fine powder and used as an exfoliant. I could feel my pores opening and guzzling oxygen from the start. A deep massage from beginning to end aided oxygen intake, but the therapist’s intermediate technique of ‘flicking away’ the Pink Tourmaline was a sensory delight.

Layers of Aveda products were as refreshing as they were relaxing. There were none of the harsh abrasives or aggressive techniques that you would normally expect with dermabrasion.

The Result:

I couldn’t believe an hour had passed already. My face felt incredible and I hadn’t touched it or even looked at it yet. When I was presented with a mirror and debriefed over a coffee I could see a visible result. My face was actually glowing. It appeared to be breathing and was incredibly smooth.

My dull, city and party skin had been revamped and I left feeling radiant and hydrated.

Gina Conway, 62 Westbourne Grove, London, W2; www.ginaconway.co.uk; 020 7229 6644

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