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Alluzience Botox at the Beauty Digger Clinic, with Dr. Alexa Balan

What they Say

Beauty Digger, the cutting-edge clinic founded by the visionary Dr. Alexa Balan, redefines the landscape of dental and facial aesthetics in the heart of London. With a committed and personal mission to delve into the core of each person’s essence, Dr. Alexa vows to nurture every patient’s self-esteem and confidence.

Devoted to sharing her brilliant expertise, Dr. Alexa warrants her patients receive state-of-the-art care. Developing the finest treatments specifically for skin and facial concerns, Dr. Alexa combines her extensive aesthetic knowledge with a background in dentistry to provide clients with a highly unique approach to beauty.

The Process

The Beauty Digger clinic is hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of Mayfair’s ultimate shopping destination, South Molton Street. Upon entering the building, the space feels residential – you could almost expect to walk into someone’s flat – but once inside the clinic itself, you know you’re in the right place.  The space is clean, white and glamorous, sporting green velvet chairs and a display of products from (a personal luxury skincare favourite) Skin Ceuticals.

Dr Alexa trained in dentistry just outside Monaco and moved to the UK a few years ago to set up her own aesthetics practice. Young she may be, but in 4 years, she’s already built up a roster of dedicated London clients in one of the city’s most sought-after areas.

We decide to go with the classic Botox areas – around the eyes, frown lines and forehead. An intriguing spanner then gets thrown into the works: Dr Alexa suggests Alluzience Botox, a new advanced brand that lasts for 6 months instead of 3 and shows results up to 24 hours after treatment, as opposed to the usual 7-day mark. The treatment also comes premixed, which allows practitioners more precision with dosage (apparently, normal Botox comes in powder form).

During the consultation, I point out that my forehead is slightly larger than average and that in the past, I’ve ended up with a lingering frown line above the injection site. After a shared giggle, Dr. Alexa suggests some extra injection sites to even out the movement.

Most people can barely feel Botox being administered, but with Alluzience I’m warned to expect a sharp sting as the needle goes in. I’m no stranger to pain in the aesthetics chair, so I agree to go ahead. I’m nervous at first because, if anything goes wrong (if I accidentally walk into a door within the first ten minutes of being injected for example) I’m going to be stuck with a wonky eyebrow for double the time. However, I shouldn’t have worried – Dr Alexa is incredibly precise with her application and I don’t walk into any doors. I’m also encouraged by the knowledge that Dr. Alexa, as well as her clients, love this new formula.

The Results

The formula gets to work and within less than 24-hours, I have a post-Botox glow. The results are a little stronger than I am used to, but I still have the movement I was after and I don’t need to go back for 6 months!

The Details

Alluzience starts at £280 for one area, £345 for 2 areas, £395 for 3 areas.


Beauty Digger, Floor 2, 44 S. Molton St, London W1K 5RT

07379 755572

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