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What Happens During IVF? Explore This Fertility Treatment

Curious about what happens during IVF? Explore what happens during a round of IVF in more detail for peace of mind and to ensure you are feeling prepared.

What happens during IVF?

Are you curious about IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation)? Want to know what happens during IVF and how it can help you overcome fertility challenges? Well, you’re in for an informative journey. With this article, we aim to address all your doubts about how IVF treatment is conducted and how it can help you start a family.

Preparing for IVF

Before any IVF cycle you will need to start by booking an initial consultation at a fertility clinic. Your chosen clinic will familiarise themselves with your medical history, and fertility goals. A series of fertility tests are usually required to uncover any underlying issues, to determine the most suitable approach for your individual case, and to achieve the best results. A few of the most common tests include the Anti-Mullarian Hormone blood test for egg counting, semen analysis, and the aqua scan.

Ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval

The first step in an IVF cycle is the ovarian stimulation and egg retrieval. This involves the use of medications to encourage production of eggs in the ovaries. The process is closely monitored to ensure the best possible response. When eggs are ready, a trigger injection is given to mature the eggs. To aid in the retrieval of the eggs, a minimally invasive procedure is performed. Guided by ultrasound technology, a needle is inserted through the vagina to the follicles to reach the eggs under sedation. A semen sample will also be collected.

Fertilisation and embryo development

Once the eggs and semen are obtained from you and your partner, they are sent to the laboratory for the process of fertilisation. Fertilisation involves the merging of eggs and sperm to initiate embryo development. Different fertilisation techniques may be used, such as conventional insemination where the eggs are placed together with sperm, or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), where a single sperm is directly injected into an egg. All of this takes place in a controlled laboratory environment by a skilled embryologist.

After fertilisation, these embryos start their journey of development. Over the next few days, they undergo division and growth, eventually forming blastocysts – a crucial stage before implantation can occur in the uterus.

Embryo transfer and implantation

Now comes the most important step – embryo transfer and implantation. This is the critical stage where carefully selected embryos are transferred into your uterus. These embryos are chosen based on their quality and potential for successful implantation.

Once the embryos have been chosen, ultrasound guidance is used to ensure the correct placement of the embryos within the uterus. Following this transfer, rest and self-care is essential. It is a time for you to nurture your body and mind, allowing for the best possible conditions for successful implantation.

Pregnancy test and follow-up

The period between the embryo transfer and the pregnancy test can be filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Remember, it’s natural to feel a mix of hope and nervousness during this waiting period, and this is normal. Surrounding yourself with loved ones for support can make a significant difference.

Once the wait is over, a beta-hCG blood test is performed to confirm whether your IVF cycle has resulted in a pregnancy. Ongoing monitoring and follow-up appointments play a vital role in ensuring the health and progress of the pregnancy, providing reassurance and guidance throughout this exciting journey.

Start your pregnancy journey

IVF has helped many couples with fertility issues to achieve their dream of starting a family. However, it is important to understand that, while IVF can improve your chances of conception, it cannot guarantee pregnancy. We advise choosing a reputable fertility clinic that you trust to guide you through the process and help you achieve your dream of expanding your family. Remember, you are not alone in this and support is always available.



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