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The Benefits Of Myers Cocktail

There is a lot to like about the Myers Cocktail IV therapy. You can tell from reading all of the useful ingredients above how they could have a positive impact on your overall health. Still not convinced? Here are some of the direct benefits you can get from this formulation.

1. Better Immunity

You will generally find immunity breaking down when different cellular functions start to break down or get compromised in some way. All of the ingredients found in the Myers Cocktail are designed to improve cellular function. This helps boost immunity by making the body more effective at warding off infection. For instance, all of the included B-vitamins in the cocktail are meant to boost antibodies and improve the antigenic response to an infection.

2. Boost Hydration

Myers Cocktail IV therapy offers a good base that makes it an effective product for boosting hydration. It has both an electrolyte and saline solution that can help the body retain more water and other fluids. This helps the body retain more water and the solution is designed to deliver hydration right to the cells. This helps to boost recovery periods from being dehydrated.

3. Better Bone and Nerve Health

Because Myers Cocktail contains B vitamins including B12, you are getting benefits in bone and nerve health. It’s known that B12 can have a direct impact on nerve damage. The inclusion of vitamin B12 makes it an effective natural solution for combating a lot of the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Taking the Myers Cocktail can also help to improve bone-related issues including strengthening the bones of those suffering from osteoporosis.

4. Better Circulation

A big issue a lot of people suffer from is having poor circulation throughout their bodies. Because the Myers Cocktail contains so many B-complex vitamins, it can promote better circulation throughout the body. It does so by stimulating red blood cell generation and increasing the turnover rate of cells. It also helps to reduce fatigue and increases performance simultaneously. This can help you have more energy you need to get more exercise. It also contains a lot of other useful minerals including magnesium and vitamins like vitamin C which can each have direct and positive impacts on blood circulation and cellular health.

5. Better Energy

As mentioned, this cocktail delivers a lot of B vitamins that make it a good option for boosting energy levels. Not only does it contain B12 for energy, but it delivers these vitamins straight to the cells for better nutrient delivery. Also, it delivers sufficient magnesium which plays a pertinent role in boosting cellular energy production. This can be a good way to improve energy levels whether playing sports or you are just looking for a kick.

6. Better Mood

One of the things to note about B12 is how it plays a role in boosting levels of serotonin in the brain. This is a “feel-good” hormone that is effective at reducing depression-like symptoms. Not only does the Myers Cocktail contain high levels of B12, but it also contains sufficient vitamin C that makes it an effective mood enhancer. Vitamin C can stimulate vitality and a sense of wellbeing.

7. Improved Memory

There is a lot of research showcasing the efficacy of B12 and how it can impact your memory. Also, vitamin C can help to combat a lot of the inflammation that can disrupt your memory. This cocktail contains both which can help you retain information better and boost your mental performance. These nutrients make this cocktail effective at helping you concentrate better and improve overall cognitive performance. This is especially true for individuals that are experiencing age-related degradation.

8. Improved Sleep

Melatonin is the body’s natural sleep hormone. It’s meant to help modulate the body’s sleep and wake cycle. When you suffer from low melatonin production, you end up getting disrupted sleep. This can negatively impact your quality of sleep. It can also keep you from sleeping altogether. The Myers Cocktail contains a lot of magnesium that can help to boost the release of sleep hormones such as melatonin and improve the body’s ability to relax.

9. Help With Migraines

There is a lot of research that shows that magnesium can be a good option for minimizing the severity of migraines. There are some other ingredients of the Myers Cocktail including vitamin B-2 that have shown promise in minimizing the severity of headaches and migraines. A big way it helps is by improving hydration levels.

10. Minimize Jetlag

One of the main reasons you experience jetlag has to do with the body’s sleep and wake cycle getting disrupted when leaving time zones. The Myers Cocktail helps with this by boosting melatonin production which can help the body’s internal clock get re-aligned. Also, it helps to improve hydration which further helps the body rejuvenate.

11. Hangover Recovery

The Myers Cocktail is great for hydration. The biggest issue that occurs when you drink too much alcohol is how much you dehydrate the body. Because it delivers better hydration and because it boosts energy levels, it can be one of the best cures for a hangover you’ll find anywhere.

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