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Sisley Paris Launches The Ecological Compound New Advanced Formula

Sisley Paris’ Ecological Compound Advanced Formula is an essential product that works on two levels, it increases the skin’s resilience and its ability to defend itself against external aggressions.

You might think the word icon is overused, but in the case of Ecological Compound it is completely justified. Since its creation in 1980, it became an icon and international success, with one selling every 5 seconds worldwide. The formula optimises the microbiota which improves balance and the skin’s immunity, whilst updated ingredients such as centella give enhanced protection. Centella extract now benefits from a cutting-edge extraction process, which is 3,500 times more concentrated, drastically increasing efficacy.

Its original formula strengthens and revitalises the skin with a unique blend of plant extracts; carefully selected to help the skin perform its vital functions.

The surface layers of the skin are home to many micro-organisms making up the cutaneous flora, a particularly complex and diverse ecosystem. Maintaining the delicate balance of this ecosystem is crucial for healthy skin. It requires protection, regulation and stimulation.

Ecological Compound advanced formula is an essential product that works on two levels:

1. From skin ecology to microbiota science…

Sisley Laboratories have taken this impressive scientific breakthrough and targeted it towards two new areas, the microbiota and skin immunity.

Two new plant actives have been selected:

• BURDOCK EXTRACT works on the microbiota, promotes balance in the microbial flora.

Sisley has selected this extract from plant roots. It’s rich in inulin – a pre- biotic sugar and can only be used by the “good bacteria” on the skin’s surface. It promotes the spread of this type of bacteria, helping to balance the skin’s flora.

• MEADOWSWEET EXTRACT works on skin immunity, contributes to strengthening the skin’s natural immunity.

Sisley has selected this extract to stimulate the synthesis of natural antimicrobial peptides. They support the skin’s ability to defend itself against pathogenic microorganisms. These peptides reinforce the skin’s innate immune response. By limiting the spread of “bad bacteria” this extract helps to balance the skin’s flora.

2. Supports the skin’s natural functions…

To boost the skin’s natural functions, Sisley has kept the original five plant extracts at the core of the formula, including remineralising horsetail, toning ginger and stimulating rosemary.

Sisley Laboratories have enhanced the efficacy of two major active ingredients in the compound:

• CENTELLA ASIATICA: enhanced protection

Centella Asiatica now benefits from a cutting-edge extraction process for an ultra-pure extract. This extract is 3,500 times more concentrated, which drastically increases efficacy and contributes to supporting and optimising the skin’s barrier function.

• HOPS EXTRACT: new antioxidant power

With their rich mineral and amino-acid content, hops are well-known for their toning and revitalising properties. During their meticulous research, Sisley’s Biological Cellular Laboratory recently identified a new, undiscovered antioxidant power.
Now, it both revitalises the skin and supports its vital functions.

A pH that’s a close match to the skin

Ecological Compound advanced formula’s pH (≈ 5) is very similar to the skin’s natural pH (4.5. -5.5) to better balance the skin’s flora.

Ed’s Note: Not only does this smell incredible, it absorbs like a dream, and perked up my tired, fed-up, winter skin within a matter of days! Light enough to go under your usual day or night cream, it’s 10 hours sleep in a bottle.

Sisley Ecological Compound Advanced Formula, £118 (60ml) £202 (125ml)

Available from February 6th at www.sisley-paris.co.uk

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