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Serena Organics launches CBD subscription service

Serena Organics were the first organic CBD product to enter Selfridges and are leading the way in premium CBD products by launching a brand-new subscription service. Customers can now save 25% on all products when subscribing to repeat product orders and can choose the frequency of their subscription so that it suits them. They offer regular orders every 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Perfect for women wanting to feel their best by harnessing the power of CBD.

One of their most innovative products is a Cooling Gel which offers a silky blend of eucalyptus, peppermint and organically grown CBD. This potent amalgamation helps stimulate blood circulation, giving you an invigoration cooling sensation helping revitalise and replenish the skin whilst embracing the best qualities of CBS providing relief from pain, stiffness and tension.

The Massage Oil has been made with intensely rich essential oils and CBD from organic hemp plants. This silky-smooth blend is designed to be applied to the skin as a massage and body oil. This can help relieve tired muscles and improve joint flexibility and circulation.

The Broad Spectrum MCT-based CBD oils are available in orange, peppermint flavours and near tasteless MCT, providing an excellent alternative for those who don’t like natural hemp seed or flavoured oil, but still want to experience the maximum benefits.

The Serena Organics CBD Lip Balm is designed to help protect your lips from external elements whilst obtaining deep, topical absorption of CBD. Helping to promote and maintain softness and relieve dryness and cracking lips with a fusion of organic and natural ingredients.

Check out the full range and subscribe here: https://www.serenaorganics.com/

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