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Plastic Capital: London’s Cosmetic Surgery Secrets Revealed

In an age where the likes of Kim Kardashian, TOWIE cast members and even Wayne Rooney are turning back time with a variety of cosmetic procedures, it’s quite the norm for us mere mortals to indulge in the odd nip and tuck too.

Cosmetic procedure gurus Transform recently released data they have collated over the last four years, which reveal the UK’s surgery secrets, region-by-region. The results revealed London to be the undisputed filler capital. In fact, the top seven UK locations for this procedure were all located in various boroughs of the Big Smoke.

Brits, boobs and botox

The Brits, Boobs and Botox map also reveals the habits of each sex and age group within those areas, with some surprising results. The men of west central London, for example, are taking action against their ‘man boobs’ and avoiding the gym in favour of chest reduction surgery over anyone else in the country (13% of male enquiries were attributed to chest reduction).

The south east of London tops the charts for buttock implants, while the south west is most popular for botox fillers (39% of all enquiries). In fact, London as a whole accounts for 5.4% of all enquiries regarding this popular wrinkle remedy.

Rooney revolution

With over 40 years of industry experience, Transform has had exclusive insight into the ever-changing trends in and attitudes towards a market very much driven by popular culture and media. Nobody would have predicted that Wayne Rooney’s infamous hair transplant would spark a frenzy of enquiries in 2011. Since then, this particular procedure has seen a year-on-year increase of 88%, with Wolverhampton named as the hair transplant capital; a staggering 24% of enquiries came in from follically-challenged males.

Flexing the plastic

Chief Operating Officer of Transform, Patricia Dunion, commented, “We’ve been helping patients for 40 years—and in that time there’s been a massive change in what they enquire about. We’ve had 350,000 patients from all over the country in the last 4 years alone.”

Blackpool was given the illustrious title of ‘boob job’ capital of the UK, with a huge 43.6% of all enquires there related to breast augmentation. Up in Aberdeen, meanwhile, the Scots just can’t get enough of their face lifts, as they were no.1 for the procedure, with a 2% market share.

Transform has vowed to continue tracking UK trends and plan to do so for another 40 years; who knows what the future holds for the industry? What we can be sure of is an even more relaxed attitude towards cosmetic procedures and a number of celebrity-led trends.

Top 10 Procedures for London

1) Breast Augmentation (20.7%)

2) Liposuction (12.6%)

3) Rhinoplasty (10.2%)

4) Filler (5.4%)

5) Abdominoplasty (4.1%)

6) IPL/Laser (3.6%)

7) Botox (3.3%)

8) Transplant (2.97%)

9) Blepharoplasty (2.87%)

10) Dental (1.86%)

Transform; www.transforminglives.co.uk; 0800 655 6406

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