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Men’s Fragrances

  1. Spicebomb by Viktor&Rolf – designed to create an impact, the new men’s fragrance is nothing short of a live wire. Its explosive scent is made up of chilli and saffron spices fused with zesty notes of bergamot and grapefruit while the bottle is modelled on a macho-looking hand grenade. National launch isn’t until Wednesday 7 March, but it is sold in Harrods exclusively before launch; 90ml for £60.      
  2. Avant Garde by Lanvin– evoking images of a Parisienne bonhomme, Avant Garde has a distinctive woody yet peppery smell.  The smell of European tobacco mixed with spices makes me feel that this would suit the more intense gentleman who only shows his tender side when obligatory. The bottle is matte black and rather incognito, as perhaps the man might wish to be; 100ml £49.

    Avant Garde

  3. Legend by Mont Blanc – the man who wears Legend is as subtle as his signature smell. First notes are lightly aromatic, identified as lavender and bergamot, with secondary tones of geranium mixed with a touch of sandalwood.  Personally, I would imagine the Legend devotee to be impressively self assured yet eerily uncommunicative; 100ml £57. Available from Harrods, selected department stores and Montblanc boutiques. www.harrods.com

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