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Makeup hacks that will cost you nothing to try

When it comes to makeup, most of us have learned the fundamentals, such as how to clean waterproof mascara, where and how to apply blush to get the natural look for your face, and how to disguise a pimple with the appropriate concealer. However, there are some advanced techniques that we can all attempt by using items we already have in our homes.

Using a bobby pin to apply false eyelashes

If you always botch up your eyelash glue and wind up with tweezers for false eyelashes, try this beauty tip apply a few droplets of glue on the lash band using the point of a clean bobby pin, then evenly distribute it. Place the lashes on after a few seconds or until the adhesive is sticky.

Set your lip colour using tissue & powder

Simply swipe on your shade, place a tissue over your mouth, then dust translucent powder over the top to keep the colour from fading or bleeding. This procedure may appear to be extra, but the return is well worth it. While the translucent powder alone may change the colour of your lips, employing the tissue as a screen will keep them from lightening or dulling.

To make your pencil liner slide easier, melt it

When cream cosmetic items are warmed up, they mix better. So, if your eyeliner pencil skips or drags on your eyelid, or if it takes numerous coats to get a good colour payoff, gently melt it down before you start lining. To do so, hold the tip of your liner under a lighter flame for a second or until it becomes sticky, then let it cool somewhat before watching the consistency alter right in front of your eyes.

Apply foundation first, then concealer

You can improve your beauty routine by applying foundation before concealer. Starting with a layer of foundation can assist to reduce any redness or discolouration, almost as if you’re laying down a flawless foundation for the remainder of your makeup. To avoid caking and creasing, apply foundation first, then concealer.

Use a translucent powder to thicken your lashes

To plump up your lashes, dust some translucent setting powder on them in between layers of mascara. Between applications of mascara, the translucent powder helps cling the mascara, giving you longer, more voluminous lashes.

Make your own lip colour by combining petroleum jelly and lipstick

If you have a favourite eyeshadow that you’d want to use as a lip colour, just mix the loose pigments with a little petroleum jelly on a spoon and swipe it on your lips.

You can darken your eyebrows using brow pencils

Mark the hollows beneath your cheekbones, your temples, along your hairline, jawline, the sides of your nose, the tip of your nose, and the crease of your eyes using a strongly coloured brow gel pencil after you’ve applied your foundation. That’s right, you read that correctly. Gel-based brow pencils contain a high amount of pigment, making them ideal for contouring.

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