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How to Look as Glam as a Hollywood A-lister

We’ve all seen glamazons at award ceremonies, Goddesses wafting down the red carpet, but what actually is it that elevates their look from, you know, yours or mine?

Here I delve into a few tricks and tips to take your look from ‘nice’ to incredible!

The main thing common to most every A-lister is their attention to detail, whether that be their dress, their shoes, their makeup, their hair or their nails, very little of what you see is accidental.


Whilst we may not have the budget or spare time squandered on celebrities before a big event, we can emulate a lot of their prep at home, and on a much more reasonable budget.

To carry off an haute couture look on a Primani budget, stick to classics; monochrome always looks chic, and a simple, well-cut, high-street dress can be hard to price.


As far as hair goes, condition is key! If you own a brush and a hairdryer, even a home blow-dry can look expensive – just as long as those split-ends are kept in check.


Just as with clothes, shoes are an area where simplicity is key. Depending on the season, either taupe or black pumps with minimal detailing are always a safe bet, and if you have the legs (and the balance) a strikingly high heel always adds glamour.


Talking of details, well-manicured hands are essential, and nowadays home gel-nail kits are a great and widely available option! If you don’t want to risk chipping standard polish half an hour before an event, gel is your best friend. Not to mention your manicure should sail through a solid week or two unscathed. There’s a large choice of gel nail polish on the market now, with a colour or finish to suit everyone, so there’s really no excuse for shabby nails in 2021!


Finally, makeup. Now a lot of this is, of course, down to personal preference, and what looks amazing on your best friend may look OTT on you, or conversely wash you out. But I’d say find a palette that suits your colouring, and discover which textures suit your skin type. More mature skin often benefits from creamier textures with light-reflecting particles to add glow, whereas a teenager might look their best rocking full punky eye makeup, a flat-powdered face and a strong lip. But most of all I’d say find your look and stick to it – the evening of a big event is not the time to experiment with something outlandish you’ve never tried before.

Overall, we say preparation is key, second only to confidence. But it’s an awful lot easier to feel confident when you’re well-prepared!





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