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Holiday Hair Protection

  • Trim before your holiday. Take off any split ends before holidaying and making them worse with drying out the hair.
  • Protect your head. The best way to protect your hair is to wear a hat or cover to minimise the sun’s exposure.
  • Plaiting the hair or putting it up can also minimise exposure and means that you can still look fashionable whilst on holiday and create some serious waves!
  • Use a protecting product like Electrics Preparation Spray; this leave-in condition protects from UV as well as heat from tools.
  • Always rinse hair after swimming in the sea and in the pool as otherwise the chlorine and salt water will dry out the hair.
  • Try to leave your hair as long as possible without washing as the constant wet to dry will dry out the hair. Use a product such as Electric’s Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner as well as using a mask throughout the holiday time to really hydrate the hair (for those with a longer holiday).
  • The ‘Take Me With You’ travel kit is perfect for holidays and has all the essentials to wash the hair and hydrate without fuss.

Beach Hair Styles:

The Plait


Great for keeping the hair away from the face and minimising exposure to the sun, keep changing the position of the plait to create waves. Side plait is simple and easy, keep moving the plait around for effortless beach waves. Pulling some strands from the plait will give the hair a more ‘beachy’ feel. The ‘fish-tail’ plait gives that style a bit more of an edgy look, or securing with a clip can create a simple up-do.

The Bun


Keep the bun high and tight for a sophisticated look on the beach (not too tight as hair tends to be sensitive with heavy sun exposure). A messy top knot can also create volume in the hair especially when left to dry, or wear it loose and to the side for a more relaxed style.

The Ponytail


Whether wavy or straight the ponytail is always a go-to hair style – make sure the bands you use aren’t too tight and are ‘snag-free’ as to not break the hair. The side ponytail can easily be achieved by just having a wet side plait. Loose French plait the fringe away from the face, scrunch the hair and spray for volume for effortless night out waves. Stay away from the heated tools! But if they are a must, using a protection spray is essential.

Electric’s J.Lo Beach Waves Video.

Holidays are the best place to try new things so take advantage of less effort more sexy loose and easy hair… Just protect and forget!


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