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Fitzroy Cosmetic Surgery Opens In London

A new cosmetic surgery provider, Fitzroy Surgery has opened its doors in London, aimed at women aged 35-50 to cater for the more mature customer with an eye for quality.

Fitzroy surgery was launched nationally in January 2016 and now has a team of specialists in Fitzroy Square, London. The new surgery is aimed at women ages 35+ looking to create the best version of themselves through procedures that enhance their natural looks, delivered by industry leading experts.

Launched by Chairman John Ryan of Make Yourself Amazing (MYA), Ryan has created a business that caters for the modern family woman whose primary focus is on quality, service and life enhancing results. Fitzroy Surgery provide patients with specialist cosmetic surgery nurses, rather than patient co-ordinators, who will be the clinical point of contact throughout their journey, which is a key part in Fitzroy setting themselves apart from the rest of the cosmetic surgery providers.

Alongside the London surgery, Fitzroy currently has a further 8 clinics operating in the UK including Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Bristol. Fitzroy offers outstanding surgeons, nurse-led care and a variety of cosmetic surgery procedures, including Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty and Facelifts.

On the launch of the brand, Chairman John Ryan says: “Popularity in cosmetic surgery between ages 35-50 is booming and we saw there was an opportunity to specifically cater for this audience in the UK.”

“Most of the women that come to us have spent years focusing on their children and other important responsibilities in their life, and are now looking to invest in themselves. They’re a discerning bunch and are looking to achieve natural results without looking like they’ve had work done. It’s more about being the best version of themselves.”

“We have extremely high expectations for Fitzroy and are looking to set the standard for industry-wide change through ensuring our service is second to none, that our data is transparent to gain 100% trust from our patients and to drive clinical excellence”.

For information on your nearest Fitzroy clinic, please visit the site here: www.fitzroysurgery.co.uk

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