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Different Types of Noses – What Type do You Have?

These days, there is a category for everything and noses are no different. Noses are the focal point of our face, and no doubt one of the things we notice the most about our own face when looking in the mirror, or at pictures of ourselves. Whether we love or hate our nose, there’s a name for it out there and potentially a reading of our future…

What are the Different Types of Noses?

A study carried out by Prof. Abraham Tamir in 2011 found 14 different types of noses amongst a sample size of just under 1800 images – however, the images were taken either from prominent artworks, pictures taken in Europe or pictures taken in Israel, resulting in poor representation of nasal features from other continents. The contemporary list of nose types exists at around 12 and includes nose types of other races – although research into different types of noses for those races still appears to be lacking, with much of the data skewed towards Caucasian and Jewish features.

According to Tamir’s study, the most common nose type documented was the ‘fleshy’ nose – otherwise known as the Einstein nose, which was found in 24% of all nose images. The Roman nose type was also common in the study, with nearly 1 in 10 images containing one. Other nose types include the celestial (turned-up) nose; the Greek nose; the Nubian nose; the bumpy nose; the hawk nose; the snub nose; the East Asian nose; the bulbous nose; the ‘Nixon’; and the combo nose, which exhibits multiple features from other nose types.

Traits Relating to Nose Type

The shape of your nose may not simply have a visual effect on you; there are arguments to suggest that your nose type could contain clues to your fortune. The practice of facial reading, similar to palm reading but with the incorporation of physiognomic theory, dates back thousands of years, and, according to author Jean Haner, asserts that your nose contains information about your character and success in your 40s. Those with the hawk nose type are supposedly more likely to maintain power and control in their 40s, with the location of the bump in their bridge indicating when that control will come to them. Meanwhile, those with a celestial nose can expect a middle-age with an empathetic, sentimental edge.

Rhinoplasty & what to expect

Of course, some may be unsatisfied with the shape of their nose – whether due to their appearance or their fortune. For them, the option of elective nose surgery with a private cosmetic procedure provider exists. While nose surgery, otherwise known as rhinoplasty, can confer benefits to the recipient, the procedure is not as simple as clicking one’s fingers. Consultation with a rhinoplasty surgeon can reveal what is and isn’t possible with a given nose surgery, while results can take some months of recovery to appear in all fullness.

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