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Delicate and smooth: how to find the right laser device for hair removal at home

Going to a professional salon every time for hair removal can not only be tiring in the long run, but also expensive. However, there is a much more comfortable alternative for soft and smooth skin, namely in the form of IPL laser devices for home use.

There is now a wide range of different models on the market, so it is not easy to choose a good and suitable device. The following article explains what to look out for when buying and during the treatment itself.

Choosing the right IPL device

In terms of comfort and effectiveness, hair removal at home hardly differs from treatment in a professional studio. However, the prerequisite for this is that the quality of the laser is convincing. Of course, the price-performance ratio of the device also plays a role. Therefore, a careful price comparison of different offers should not be dispensed with before making the final decision.

The device must have sufficient power for good results. In addition, hair removal should of course always be as gentle as possible and, above all, absolutely safe. It is also practical to choose an IP laser that is suitable for use in all areas of the body, whether on the face, ankles or intimate areas.

Certain additional functions are particularly useful when it comes to permanently removing hair from larger areas of the body. For example, some devices monitor whether no area has been missed during treatment. If hair removal is only required on individual areas or very small areas, a special function should also be available for this.

In the past, many IPL devices proved to be problematic as they quickly burned areas of skin that were too dark. In addition, they could hardly remove hair that was too light in color. However, today’s modern devices also allow safe treatment of most hair colors and dark skin tones.

You should also choose an IPL device whose good results have already been independently proven. Some manufacturers even offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the performance of the device. There is therefore no risk of making a bad investment with such offers.

In order to be truly effective, IPL devices must emit very strong light pulses. This is the only way they can really reach the hair follicles. Therefore, there is always a certain risk associated with the technology. The safety of the device should therefore always be a top priority when making a purchase decision. A good indication of a high level of safety is that the device is officially certified.

Effective hair removal: this is important during treatment

However, it is not just a good device that is important for hair removal at home. There are also certain things to consider during the treatment itself so that the results are really convincing.

The IP laser should be used around once a week to ensure that the hair is really removed permanently. Hair always grows in stages, so the laser only hits the hair follicles that are currently in their active growth phase. However, if you wait a week between treatments, new follicles will start growing again. However, the treatment should not be carried out more frequently, as this does not accelerate or improve the result.

Particularly effective results can be achieved if there is as great a contrast as possible between the color of the hair and the skin tone. For this reason, extensive sunbathing and visits to the solarium should be avoided during the hair removal period.

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