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CBD benefits for the human body

The human body can be very fragile and there are so many people in the world who suffer from all different kinds of ailments and diseases. CBD is a natural alternative to healing and can help with all your medical problems, but what is CBD? CBD is one of the 2 main active ingredients in the marijuana plant and unlike THC, it has no mind-altering effects but multiple healing benefits. Since legalization, CBD is easily available online and because of the non-psychoactive effects, it is very popular and available almost everywhere, including sites like Smoke Cartel which you can see here Smokecartel.com/collections/shop-cbd. There are so many health benefits that come from taking CBD so read on to discover some of them.

Fights off pain

Probably the most common reason why people use CBD medically is because it is a pain reliever. When you consume CBD in any form whether it be tinctures, edibles, or topicals, it will relieve or reduce pain, and depending on the concentration of the CBD product that you use, you can target anything from minor to severe pain. There was a study conducted on rats that showed that rats who received CBD, experienced significantly less pain after incision cuts. The rats were given CBD oil and they experienced overall pain relief. After this study, it was concluded that CBD plays a significant role in pain relief. Another study done in 2012 observed the effects that CBD had on neuropathic and spinal pain and it was stated that CBD suppressed chronic inflammatory as well as neuropathic pain in rodents. This is good because CBD offers a more natural alternative to dealing with pain compared to pharmaceuticals which can carry many nasty side effects.

Stress, anxiety reduction

Many people in society suffer from stress and anxiety but the good news is that CBD can be used to combat these mentally exhausting symptoms. A study was conducted to analyze the effects of CBD on anxiety induced by public speaking and test subjects were given 300mg of CBD and told to complete a public speaking task. It was found that CBD significantly reduced anxiety after the test because CBD contains anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties and can aid people who find themselves in stressful situations which is an important development in our world that has so many individuals fighting anxiety and stress daily.

Inflammation be gone

A study was conducted on rats who experienced inflammatory pain, where they were given 20mg of CBD for 7-14 days after an injury and the study found that CBD oil managed to reduce the sensitivity and pain response to heat as well as physical stimuli such as touch. Overall, CBD managed to reduce the pain response and the inflammation itself decreased. It was concluded that CBD reduces the body’s response to injuries and instead of creating inflammation, therapeutic benefits are released that decrease the negative immune response of the body.

Treat cancer-related symptoms

Cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy suffer from a list of side effects such as pain, inflammation, reduced appetite, and nausea, and CBD is well-known for helping with these symptoms. In 2005-2006, two studies were done which showed that combining CBD and THC destroys the growth of deadly cells as well as helps prevent cancer-created cells from forming. In 2007, a drug called Sativex which is almost equivalent to THC and CBD was approved to treat cancer pain that is hard to control. CBD was found to attach to the receptors found in the ECS system which controls the central nervous system and this binding has relief benefits. Cancer patients go through such harsh treatment that involves high levels of radiation and chemicals so having a natural healing option can offer patients relief which is great.

Fewer seizures

In 2018, the FDA approved the use of CBD to treat 2 rare types of seizures and epilepsy called Epidiolex. This treatment is expensive, costing $32,500 per year but this treatment has been effective. A clinical trial done on 516 patients found that when Epidiolex is administered with other medications, it reduces the frequency of seizures by 42%. The side effects of this treatment include sleepiness, sedation, and lethargy which is something to note, but overall, it’s worth it.

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