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Caviar Repair

We are all aware of how much our hair is pulled, knotted, straightened and damaged everyday. Not to mention those of you who regularly dye your wispy tresses or apply excessive amounts of heat from your glitter covered GHDs and bright pink curling tongs. Nor can we forget the frustration of plastering your head with foil on a ‘DIY’ day, because your friend stated: ‘Red is just so you’. What are you left with? Weak and porous strands in urgent need of treatment.

Professional hair care specialist Alterna Haircare have devised a collection of products to restore and strengthen brittle and overworked hair. Enriched with Age-Control Complex the product addresses natural, chemical and environmental ageing with their own patented Caviar Extract. Containing rich sources of Omega 3 acids and Vitamin C, proven to target damaged locks effectively. The unique Seasilk ingredient blends marine botanicals within your strands, giving you exceptional moisture.

Caviar Repair is infused with an array of beneficial nutrients and strand-building proteins, targeting damaged hair on three levels. The products rebuild hair by delivering nutrients to the interior cortex to lock in nutrients so you can say hello to smoother hair. Each individual strand is resurfaced with antioxidants, preventing and protecting from future damage.

Ninety per cent of women described incredible results after just one use. Battles with frizz control are won by the Instant Recovery Shampoo and the Instant Recovery Conditioner. For more damaged hair you can experiment with the Micro Bead Fill & Fix Treatment Masque which releases a high dosage of strand building proteins filling in gaps and tears. For the final finish and extra-deep hydration try the Re- texturising protein cream to improve softness, texture and manageability.

We all want healthy, fabulous hair. But these products do the unthinkable – leaving hair stronger, softer and shinier.


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