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A Guide to Professional Hair Gloss Treatments

A lot of people get confused with hair gloss treatments. Not many people truly understand what they do, how they are different from hair colouring, and why they are so in demand. It’s not exactly self-explainable. No need to fret. By the end of this article, you will get all of your questions about hair gloss treatments answered.

We searched for a professional in the space to discuss hair gloss treatments. We ended up speaking with Paul Cucinello from Chris Chase Salon in the city of New York. He was able to tell us everything we needed to know about hair gloss treatments. We’ve gone ahead and broken them down into easy-to-digest bullet points. You will see exactly why you should be planning to book one this fall.

1. It Repairs Sun Damage

One of the good things about hair gloss treatments is their effectiveness in repairing hair damage from UV exposure. If you spent way too much time in the summer without adequate protection for your hair, you could find that your hair is a mess. Consistent exposure to damaging UV rays and chlorine from the pool can wreak havoc on your hair health. Getting a gloss treatment is one of the best ways to repair your hair and undo a lot of the resulting damage. The gloss will help to improve the texture of your hair and get your hair shining once again.

2. It’s Not As Damaging

Many people avoid getting regular colouring treatments because it can negatively impact their hair health. Hair colouring contains ammonia which can damage your hair follicles. This isn’t something you want to do regularly. The beauty of hair gloss treatments is that it doesn’t cause damage to your hair. It’s acidic and it closes the hail tight. This can keep your hair from getting split ends and it can help boost the shine of your hair without harming it.

3. It Delivers Intense Conditioning

Another good thing about hair gloss is the fact that it will work with your existing and natural hair colour. This can help to ensure that you get a much more subdued shade rather than something that looks artificial. Thus, if you have naturally grey hair, it’s going to give you a much more tonal effect instead of something completely solid. Likewise, it will naturally make your hair much more shiny and smoother. Best of all, it can reduce the frizziness of your hair by acting as sort of a powerful conditioner.

4. It Can Effectively Tone Down Highlights

Sometimes, highlights can be too prominent for one’s taste. If your highlights end up too bright, you can get a gloss treatment afterwards to tone things down. This not only helps to lock in the colour of the hair, but it also helps to decrease the vibrancy of the colour to get the exact shade you are going after.

5. You Don’t Need To Choose A Different Hair Colour

when you are going for hair colouring, you cannot take advantage of the beauty of your natural hair colour. When it comes to a gloss treatment, you don’t have those same limitations. You can choose a clear gloss treatment which is effectively a powerful conditioning treatment for your hair. Essentially, all it does is lower the pH of your hair and improve its texture through deep conditioning. This can deliver you healthier-looking hair in your natural colour.

6. It’s Not Permanent or Long Lasting

A lot of people end up getting scared to get their hair coloured because it’s such a commitment. What if you don’t like it? This isn’t a fear with a hair gloss treatment. It’s not a long-lasting treatment which means you don’t need to make a long-term commitment. It will end up fading away on its own within 6 weeks of getting it done. Likewise, if you want to change your hairstyle or anything else, it won’t interfere with future treatments.

7. It’s Something You Can Do At Home

A good thing about a hair gloss treatment is that you don’t need a professional to do it. You can get a kit and do it at home without issue. However, if you are planning on doing it at home, Cucinello recommends that you only attempt to do a clear one. If you are going to aim for a coloured treatment, it’s best to head to a professional salon.

8. It’s Incredibly Easy To Maintain

After you get a hair gloss treatment, all you need to do is use sulfate-free hair care products. You want products designed for coloured hair and you’ll be able to maintain it without issue.

9. It’s Popular

The expected trend for this fall is going to be all about having rich jewel tones in your hair colour. Thus, if you are a brunette, you may want to aim for a rich espresso brown. Whereas, if you have red hair, you’ll want to achieve an auburn shade. If you are a natural blonde, you may want to go for a more golden tone. There is a lot to like about hair gloss treatments and how the treatment can make your natural colour shine through.

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