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Nikki Mansergh is a qualified ABNLP (American Board of Hypnotherapy and American Board of Neuro-linguistic programming), Recovery Coach and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner, who has been coaching since 1998.

The present. That’s all we have. I coach, among other things, mindfulness. Does it sound weird, not for you and generally too ‘out there’? It is an incredibly strong and effective way to stay sane when you are anxious or overstressed.

Take five minutes out. Turn off all technology (panicking yet?) Spend five minutes sitting, standing or walking. You don’t have to be cross-legged on the floor – just calm. Put everything out of your mind that you were just worrying about and breathe deeply in and out. Try to get to a count of four breaths in and four out. You will find that it is all you can think about – if other thoughts come in, go back to the breathing. Breathing deeply is by itself a calming tool; when we are stressed and anxious our breathing is shallow and adds to the panic or adrenalin that we have manufactured for ourselves. Once upon a time that was a valid reaction to threat; fight or flight anyone? But now, it just stresses the body to put it into an adrenal attack, and you may have noticed, it sure doesn’t help the mind.

Yesterday has gone; we have to notice what happened without attaching any importance to it. Resentment is pointless; it is just you taking poison and hoping the other person will die. The future hasn’t happened and it is unlikely to unfold according to your fears either, so let that go too and be present. Physically, yoga is phenomenal for being in the present. If your concentration isn’t on the mat, you will fall over, lose where you are and not get the benefit of the teaching. Mindfulness and yoga together are awesome.

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And today – just breathe.

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