Q&A: Expert Commentary From Dara Dairo

question Which foods are best to eat before working out for maximum fat loss and muscle gain?

answerLosing body fat should be controlled, and diet will help with the reduction of body fat to reveal that newly acquired muscle density. It will also help control the hormonal challenges that restrict muscle growth. Try not to think about restricting calories too much here. Just think about foods that are in their natural state and that are not processed — meat, fish and avocados are great.

The most optimal meal plan for someone who wants a leaner body is one high in protein and fat, and low (but not completely void of) carbohydrates. You will need that to keep your metabolism alive to burn off that extra fat, but it should be lower than usual.

Dara Dairo is a personal trainer at Virgin Active Health Club Kensington; www.virginactive.co.uk

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