Making Wellness Businesses Succeed in 2020

Health and fitness is an attractive business domain, and many new and existing ventures want to walk on the road to success. For those looking for an experienced business consultant, CCJM Consulting offers prudent, industry derived mentorship to wellness coaches, nutritionists, healers, gym owners and other small wellness business owners. Effective, professional and friendly business consulting is hard to find in a field driven by buzzwords and jargon. Not with CCJM Consulting Ltd, a venture floated by Ariane Morin, a veteran of the wellness industry.

The wellness industry can look forward to a great year ahead, and everyone can be successful. CCJM Consulting can help entrepreneurs and wellness professionals within the health and wellness industry find their passion, get started, monetise their passion and move their businesses forward.

“If we don’t believe we can bring something that adds significant value to what you are trying to achieve, then we won’t take the work on – it’s as simple as that. We are focused on high-quality results,” says Ariane.

Ariane is not only a veteran of the wellness industry, but also has business experience in property management and law support. She has worked in the corporate world for 15 years, with ample years spent at globally recognised flagship companies namely: Hilton, Regus and the renowned Lovells International Law Firm. Based on such vast business experiences on her resume, her business acumen is widely regarded as top-notch.

“Ariane is so contactable and motivating, setting goals for you each week. CCJM Business Consulting believes in your business, sees you and drives you forward for success. I am currently working on my brand and I’m so excited for how it all unfolds,” says one recent client.

As part of the online business courses and services, CCJM Consulting offers easy to follow action plans that are clearly focused on objectives. Clients are also made accountable so as to achieve these results. More than that, CCJM’s team stays in touch with personal and online interactions.

Ariane ran her wellness venture for 8 successful years, and also took wellness, fitness and nutrition consulting sessions in her local community as part of her charity, the Foundation Wellbeing Trust. Foundation Wellbeing Trust was a finalist for the “Best Charity” accolade at the Hounslow Business Awards.

Ariane set up her CCJM consultancy business in memory of her father and follows in his footsteps when it comes to sharing business knowledge and experiences. She is also the Chairwoman of ‘The Gaia Network’ not-for-profit association for Women in Business, an establishment rooted in West London, England. Rave reports imply that the organisation has done more than a fair bit with a significant impact in the local community since inception. Ariane has picked up several awards for her expertise and goodwill. These include the Stevie Awards (2018) and being voted in 2019 as one of the top 100 inspiring female business leader across the UK.

Don’t be scared to ask for help! Look for your local business support groups, check online on local meet-up platforms or get in touch with us for an “Effective Biz Strategy 1:1 online Session”. Apply online to see if we can help you!

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