Emma Watson
Emma Watson for Teen Vogue shoot; D&G blouse, Erin Fetherson skirt, © Norman Jean Roy

Fashion for Fitness


Nipped-in waists shortly followed by the poof of a full skirt from an elegant puffball at Peter Pilotto to a slouchy style at Jonathan.

Waist – side plank, plus lift and lower.

Set up in a standard side plank position. Your body is in a straight line resting on your knees and forearm/elbow. Make sure you are not arching your back (abs tight, bum squeezed, ribcage drawn down towards your hips).

Now, breathe out and lift your top hip and ribs towards the ceiling, hold for a second and return to the start position as you breathe in again. Make sure you keep correct form throughout. Repeat until fatigued.

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