Gucci S/S 12
Gucci S/S 12

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Flapper dresses: exercise for the cleavage and décolletage

From the sexy Art Deco glitz at Gucci to the flapper-fab cocktail dresses at Ralph Lauren. Loose-fitting, low-cut dresses with embellishments, fringing and beading that the ‘20s fashion is romanticised for.

The exercise: Press-ups (wide and narrow)

Position yourself in a half plank position (knees on the floor, feet in the air, hands slightly wider than your shoulders).

Now, breathe in and lower yourself (counting slowly to two as you do) until your chest is about four inches from the floor, hold for a count of one and then breathe out and press back up to the start  position over two counts again. Your elbows should bend out to the side as you perform the press-up. Be sure to keep your ribcage pulled in towards your body and your deeper abdominals switched on (see previous tips for details) as you perform each press up. Repeat until you fatigue, and after a brief rest, perform a second set of press ups with your hands closer to your body (aim to have your elbows brushing your sides).

The wide elbow press-up will work the top of your chest and front of your shoulders; the narrow press-up will still work your chest, but will also tone the backs of your arms.

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