Jason Wu S/S 12
Jason Wu S/S 12

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Picking up the peplum

Accentuating the waist or the hips, Givency takes the pretty out of the peplum with black lace and leather while Vera Wang, Celine and Dries Van Noten showed all-white styles and high-tech mesh for an ultra-modern look.

The exercise: Hips and bottom – Side lying leg lifts, kicks and circles combo

Leg lifts – Lie on an exercise mat on your right side, with your legs stacked on top of each other, knees slightly bent. Outstretch your arm on the floor and place a folded towel between your arm and head to support your neck. Engage your abdominals to draw your ribs and waist in (aim to keep a small gap bewteen your waist and the floor). Straighten and raise your top leg to hip height and hold it there. Make sure your top hip does not roll backwards. Inhale and lower your leg to just below hip height and then squeeze your bum to raise it to hip height again. Take one to two seconds to lift and lower. Repeat continuously for approximately 30 seconds. Flow immediately into the next exercise without pausing.

Side kicks – Keeping your leg at hip height, breathe in to bring your leg a few inches in front of you and breathe out to squeeze the glutes and draw the leg just behind you. Aim to keep the leg at hip height constantly throughout the exercise. Repeat using the same tempo and duration as the previous exercise. Flow immediately into the next exericse.

Leg circles – Still in the same position and with your abdominals firming (check the gap under your waist is still there) start drawing circles with your leg. The circles should be no bigger than a tennis ball. Circle one direction for 30 seconds, then in the opposite direction for another 30 seconds.

Repeat all of the above lying on the opposite side, with the opposite leg.

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