Yeotown Sussex Gardens

What They Say

Located in Paddington, Yeotown Sussex Gardens is a delicious well-being concept that brings the taste and ethos of the Yeotown Devon healthy lifestyle programme to serenity-seeking and health-conscious Londoners. More than just a healthy eatery, Yeotown aims to nourish both body and mind. Set in an inviting and uplifting environment peppered with positive psychology messaging, the space includes a 30-seat outdoor terrace, providing a welcome respite from the demands of city life.

The Style

Hidden in a residential area, the restaurant, Yeotown, is at the front of London’s first ‘mindfulness Hotel’, Inhabit. The restaurant is a very tranquil place; a strange oasis in a busy city. 

I like the place as soon as I enter. There’s a lot of organic colour, natural wood and light, a few large communal tables as well as a few smaller ones – the whole thing makes me feel like I’m inside someone’s very stylish modern farmhouse kitchen. The large marble island in the centre and high bar stools around it add to the informal vibe. I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow would live in a house with this kitchen (and would probably very much enjoy the menu too). Everything feels fresh, clean and wholesome, with little wellbeing quotes sprinkled around the decor, tying the concept together with an environment that really matches the food.

The Crowd

There’s a large family having breakfast when we get there, and, even before trying the food, my first thought was that this would be a great place to bring kids; the healthy ingredients are incorporated into some fabulous sounding dishes, so it would be a wonderful way to introduce children to nutritious ingredients in a creative way. I can really see it being popular with the mums of W2; a great place to stop off for brunch after a hot yoga class without ruining any of your hard work.

There are also young professionals lapping up the sun on the gorgeous terrace and single occupants enjoying the peace and quiet with a book or laptop.

The Food

I visited with my friend, a fan of wellness trends and plant-based food, whereas I am generally much more into chicken than chia. With this in mind, I was curious to see how tasty a menu that is largely vegan and entirely wholesome, can be.

The food and drink is where Yeotown really shines. I have to say, this is some of the most delicious ‘healthy’ food I have ever tasted. We start off with two smoothies; patiently advised through our indecision by our very sweet waiter. I had the Creativity while my companion had Grace. The Creativity was delicious, I’m a sucker for a chai latte and this was very similar but with banana, dates, almond butter and almond milk. The Grace was deliciously light with a gorgeous orange blossom aroma, and not too sweet.

For food, we ordered a few dishes, but the standout was definitely the BBQ cauliflower wings. The whole plate was perfection; a stunning mix of sweet and savoury, a sticky buffalo coating of the cauliflower and a satay-like rich salty, nutty sauce to pour over. I’m not usually a fan of sweet and savoury flavour combinations, but this was so well executed I was completely converted.

The Asian Charred G&G Tenderstem Broccoli felt very fresh but didn’t rely on the freshness to carry the dish. It was a delicate balance of flavours: sesame, garlic and soy; a simple combination but the flavours added to the quality of the product, rather than distracting from it.

The Citrus Crusted Salmon was utterly delicious; well seasoned and moist and the pistachio/orange crust was very fresh and fantastically cooked (so easy for a crust to catch, but this was browned to crispy perfection). The asparagus (as part of the salmon dish) was so remarkable that I felt it deserved its own plate. This is asparagus as it should be; fresh, tender and delicious.

We also had a side of Crispy Sesame Kale, which is one of my favourite things to eat when it’s on the menu. However, unlike my own attempts to cook it at home, this kale was crispy and well seasoned, not oily at all.

We sampled the Yeotown Bounce Back burger, which was perfectly palatable; perhaps the one thing on the menu that didn’t blow my mind.

Between our mains and dessert, our waiter offered to let us try the Purity Elixir. I liked it because it reminded me of kombucha, though the floral flavours might be a bit overpowering for some. It reminded me of those soaps and perfumes that you smell and think, ‘Gosh, I wish I could drink that, but probably shouldn’t’. The list of ingredients, however, is impressively healthy and packed with antioxidants and minerals, so whatever your feelings about kombucha or floral flavours, I think it might be worth having a try.

After the mains we were totally stuffed, a possibility I hadn’t considered on a meatless menu, but we valiantly ordered pudding nonetheless. When my Chocolate Orange Ganache arrived, it looked teeny tiny, but when I tasted it, I understood why. This was one of the richest desserts I’ve ever tasted, vegan or not. So the portion size was appropriate, even if the glutton in me was upset about it (I honestly don’t think I could have managed another spoonful, even though it was incredible, so it was good that it came in the size it did). My guest had the Yeotown Dark Chocolate Brownie, and it too was gorgeously rich, with raspberries on top cutting through the deep flavour, and pistachios adding some crunch and lightness to the texture of the dense brownie.

In a Nutshell

I left Yeotown completely full but with none of the sluggishness that usually accompanies a large meal. In fact, I actually felt gloriously self-satisfied, smug at the idea that I’d probably achieved my 5-a-day and then some. The restaurant is a really lovely environment to be in, the staff are great, and a lot of consideration has clearly gone into developing the concept as a whole. Everything just sort of aligns, which feels very appropriate to their all-around wellness philosophy. It is healthy but in a way that doesn’t compromise on flavour, aesthetic or general enjoyment. I would definitely go again.

The Details

Yeotown Sussex Gardens, 25–27 Southwick St, Paddington, London W2 1JQ

Open 7.30am – 4pm daily

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