Talad, Chelsea

The blurb

Sawasdee ka – Welcome to Talad! A regional Thai concept offering coffee and pastries from morning to midday, grab & go style deli bowls, seasonal salads and curries.

Talad (market in Thai) pays homage to a way of life in the tropics. The memories and simple things we leave behind as we move through life. They humbly began trading at the food market then hosted supper clubs from their living room. Now you can enjoy a taste of Talad 24/7 from their store to your front door!

The style

My delivery arrives beautifully presented in a wicker basket which makes a nice change from the usual takeaway-tray style that we’ve all got a bit too used to over lockdown and makes it feel like something exciting is happening, although, in reality, it’s just another night staying IN-in, but this time with the added bonus of not having to cook for myself.

The food

Thai Green Chicken Curry and Hung Le Chickpea Curry are served with rice two ways: sticky blue (yes, blue! – coloured with butterfly pea, a small blue flower used in Northern Thai cuisine to add colour to rice), and wholegrain/brown. Accompanying the mains is a generous tub of kimchi and a bottle of homemade kombucha.

The classic chicken dish (enjoyed by my husband) is everything you want from a Thai green curry. The sauce is plentiful and rich without being overpowering and has equal pleasing kicks of spice and sweetness. Lemongrass and galangal cut through the creamy coconut milk base to provide a burst of fresh flavour with every mouthful. The spices are very well balanced and the curry soaks into the rice in that pleasing way that curries do. I can’t comment on the chicken itself, having eaten around it (vegetarian), but my husband assures me if it tender and has soaked up the flavours of the sauce well.

The Hung Le Chickpea Curry is a northern Thai mountain stew with turmeric and wild ginger. It’s unlike any Thai food I’ve had before and reminds me of the more earthy flavours of Indian cuisine, with none of the sweet coconutty flavours that the green curry brings to the table. The chickpeas are nutty and hearty and the dish is infused with gentle spice. It’s when I add a dollop of kimchi to my plate though, that the meal really comes to life: something about the combination fo the kimchi, chickpeas and sticky rice all scooped up together make for a deliciously complex mouthful of flavour and I enjoy every bite and the novelty of getting to know this previously unknown-to-me variety of Thai food.

We wash our food down with refreshing kombucha (which is technically non-alcoholic but I swear it always makes me tipsy). It’s the perfect accompaniment to this flavourful meal.

The verdict

Talad won my heart with its wicker basket delivery style, and the food made for a perfectly decent midweek supper at home at reasonable prices. The food has a homemade feel that is comforting and satisfying. Ingredients are clearly fresh and high quality. Definitely one to try.

Talad Eatery, 533 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0TZ;  www.taladeatery.com; 020 7351 6969

Open for lunch and takeaway supper every day

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