'Island Grill offers something more adventurous'

Island Grill, Lancaster Terrace

Breakfast available daily; 7am-12pm

Breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the day but it’s not often I treat myself to a restaurant breakfast, let alone a three-course extravaganza. For the past four months Island Grill, which perches above Lancaster Gate tube station, has been serving its new breakfast menu to eager customers. Despite the unusual location the number of morning punters has been increasing as word spreads about the new, extensive breakfast menu.

What must be military strength glass protects customers from having to listen to the never-ending traffic that encircles the restaurant but despite the hectic environment the simplicity and brightness of white walls and wood inside cocoons one from the noise and bustle of Lancaster Gate.

The very friendly and helpful staff took us through the menu pointing out new dishes and house specials. The three-course menu consists of a cold starter, hot main and cold dessert. All dishes are available separately but we decided that such a mammoth breakfast experience was not to be missed. I started with a martini glass filled with a delicious mixture of granola, Greek yoghurt and fruit, and my friend had a fruit salad. For mains we both had variations on Eggs Benedict; mine with smoked salmon and my friend’s with haddock and spinach. Both were very good; the yolks of the poached eggs still spilled out when cut and the hollandaise sauce was flavoursome and avoided the trap of being too buttery. Also on offer were traditional full English breakfast, a breakfast burrito and the house special, the lobster club sandwich. Filling up fast we ended with fruit skewers and breakfast tacos. Both were slightly disappointing but by that point we had had our fill of good food. Plus a delicious orange and raspberry juice and coffee to finish.

Island would be a great place to take people for an upmarket breakfast that offers something more adventurous alongside the traditional bacon and eggs, and my advice would be go for gold, don’t try and stick to the diet.

Three-course breakfast is £27 per person.

Island Grill, Lancaster Terrace, London, W2; www.islandrestaurant.co.uk; 020 7551 6070

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