Chrissy’s Kitchen

The blurb

Chrissy’s Kitchen strives to make every meal one to remember. Chrissy has always been passionate about food, and growing up in a large Swedish/Greek family meant that food and events have always been a huge part of her life.

After completing her university studies Chrissy spent three years in London organising and managing events for some of the most recognised names in the charity sector. A hugely influential time in her life, this experience fanned the flame of setting up her own business, and after qualifying from the world-renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland, Chrissy’s Kitchen was born. Chrissy grew up with food all around her, and drawing on her wide range of influences and knowledge of the culinary arts allows her to make each mouthful as unique and unusual as the next.

The experience/the food

Our Chrissy’s Kitchen picnic “hamper” arrived in a cute brown paper bag (reassuringly weighty) and I was pleased to notice, as I peered into the bag, that there wasn’t a disposable plastic utensil or any other plastic packaging in sight. Every item came boxed in cardboard deli boxes, and the cutlery provided was wooden. Even the homemade elderflower cordial arrived in a jam jar rather than a plastic bottle. Top marks for being eco friendly.

My husband and I eagerly headed out into the garden, picnic rug in hand and unpacked the goodies.

To nibble on was a generous bag of mixed spiced nuts (that came in a cute candy-striped paper bag): sweet and smokey, these made the perfect appetiser and went deliciously well with the homemade elderflower cordial. Spurred on but the nuts, we loaded our plates with the contents of the rest of the boxes: roasted veg and giant couscous salad, greek salad, wild mushroom tartlets and sausage rolls.

The roasted veg and giant couscous salad was the perfect picnic food: delicious at room temperature and well seasoned, the giant couscous provided a feeling of sustenance without being overly heavy and each mouthful was accentuated with crunchy bursts of flavour from the roasted veg. Forkfulls were scooped up, along with the greek salad – which added a cheerful burst of colour to the plate and offered a fresh and juicy flavour explosion with each bite.

The accompanying wild mushroom tartlets were the perfect compliment to the salads – providing the solidity and satiety that only butter and flour in pastry form can. Truffle-y notes really elevated to tartlets to exceptional little morsels, incomparable to anything you’d find in a supermarket equivalent. The sausage rolls disappeared quickly – need I say more?

To finish off, bitesize squares of homemade chocolate brownie provided a delectably sweet ending and my husband and I were left licking our lips and agreeing that it was the perfect al-fresco lunch. We both felt full without being stuffed, and like we had been truly nourished from fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients and lovingly prepared food.

The verdict

The Chrissy’s Kitchen picnic hamper is the perfect way to enjoy al-fresco dining without the hassle of having to prepare fiddly picnic food yourself. The care and attention that has gone into every aspect of the service are obvious, and the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves with every mouthful. Portions are generous and the food is faultless. Highly recommended.

The details

Chrissy’s Kitchen picnic hampers (with wine or beer) are £40, there are also build-your-own customisable versions. Or you could opt for a luxury snack box; a charcuterie board; a whole tray of the delicious brownies…there are many options to tickle your tastebuds.

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