Why every wine collector needs to invest in a wine fridge

Would you like to enjoy a glass of wine in the place where this actually happens? The kitchen where a lot of cooking is done with wine. At dinner or cosy at the kitchen island. The wine refrigerator is the right solution for this. Temperature, humidity, stability, tranquillity and style in one device and integrated into your kitchen or interior.

What makes the wine fridge so suitable

Drinking wine is a passion that involves feeling and love. Wine is a sensitive delicate drink that must be treated with care. This is especially true when storing wine for extended periods of time. Prevent incorrect development of the wine by providing the wine with the right climate. The narrow wine fridge has the functionality to store the wine at a constant temperature, for both single and multiple wine types thanks to multiple temperature zones. Compressor cooling and the right air circulation ensure that the humidity remains at the right level so that the wine retains its characteristics.

Create a unique experience when enjoying a glass of wine

A wine lover or large collector of wine doesn’t only want to enjoy the wine by drinking it. The wine collection should of course also be presented and shared with other wine connoisseurs. This doesn’t work with an ordinary refrigerator, as the presentation of the wine is important.

This modern functional wine cooler of Winecoolershop has a nice appearance and is specially designed for storing wine at the right temperature. With LED lighting, UV-resistant glass doors and extendable, horizontal oak shelves, it becomes very easy to present your wine to the enthusiast. The wine refrigerators are specially designed to be built into the kitchen or other interior of the home. As a result, this wine climate cabinet fits seamlessly with the rest of your modern kitchen or interior.

The wine fridge for any time of the day anywhere in the house

No more worries about getting that bottle of wine chilled on time, you can organise a wine evening with a sense of familiarity. You can cook with wine that is immediately ready to use or dine with wine that is at the perfect temperature. With no less than 6 years of warranty, you will be sure to enjoy it for years to come.

Create the perfect wine experience anywhere in the house. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new kitchen or if you are working with what you already have, the wine fridge can be built right in, under the counter, in a kitchen cabinet or as oven-sized. If you like to drink wine in the living room, at the bar or in the dining room, the wine fridge can serve as an excellent device that provides you with a wonderfully preserved wine. This can easily be placed freestanding at the location of your preference.

The wine fridge ensures that you can enjoy wine at any time of the day, anywhere in the house.

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