We’ve Discovered a New Way to Make Alternative Milk…(& We Can’t Believe It’s So Simple!)

Let’s face it, alternative milks aren’t just for plant-based eaters. Everywhere you go, people are wild for it: from latés to smoothies to bowls of cereal or even baking, they’re all the rage. But have you ever tried to make alternative milk at home? It’s not for the faint of heart. Yes, you avoid all those preservatives and extra ingredients, but it’s strenuous and time-consuming.

All this appears to have changed with the invention of The Milky Plant: a nifty little machine that you can keep on your kitchen countertop and use to make pretty much any milk you can think of (apart from the real thing!). We love how simple it is to use, how you can experiment with different recipes of alt-milk combos, and not forgetting how easy it is to clean. It’s a game changer, and here’s why…

What is The Milky Plant?

The Milky Plant makes homemade plant milk as easy, fast, and fun as possible. Plus, you’re in control of what goes in your milk. No preservatives or additives, just 100% delicious plant milk every time. You name it, Milky Plant can make it. Make fresh, healthy, and clean plant milk as sustainably as possible. No more milk cartons or plastic waste. Combine your favourite nuts, seeds, and plants in easy recipes. Enjoy them on their own, in coffee or tea, smoothies, and so much more.

“The idea for Milky Plant comes after years of searching for clean and affordable plant-based milk. After being diagnosed with high cholesterol, I wanted to find a way to make healthy plant-based milk at home. No saturated fats, additives or preservatives, just 100% pure ingredients – so you’re in control of what goes into your body.”

– Micheal & Nadina, Founders


  • No Single-Use Plastic
  • Uses Low Energy
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Zero Waste
  • Money saving!

How does it work?

Add ingredients to the container up until the MIN line

Add Water to the Milky Plant water tank

Press the button and let Milky Plant work its magic, and enjoy!

What We Say

You can browse recipes on their website, which include how to make your favourite alternative milks, plus some delicious snacks and drinks.

Milky plant costs £340 (currently £290!) and is available from www.milkyplant.com


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