Vineet Bhatia launches new Experience tasting menu

Launched in November 2016, Vineet Bhatia London is the progressive Indian restaurant that takes diners on a culinary exploration of India, shaped by the imagination and unique experience of Michelin-starred chef, Vineet Bhatia. Forever evolving, the restaurant has now launched their new Experience Menu, a tasting menu that melds flavours from across the regions of India with Vineet’s signature twists in the form of European ingredients and refined presentation.

Hailing from the sun-scorched streets of Mumbai, husband and wife Vineet and Rashima Bhatia moved to England in the early nineties to pursue a dream of owning their own restaurant. Vineet was pioneering in his approach to spicing, eschewing regionally specific spice blends and amalgamating diverse flavours in a completely unique way. This sophisticated approach to spicing became his signature, helping him to become the first Indian chef to receive a Michelin star in 2001.


In 2004, Vineet and Rashima opened the first incarnation of Rasoi in London, at the site now occupied by VBL. It soon won acclaim, gaining its own Michelin star in 2006. Determined to change the perception of Indian cuisine, Vineet was the first to introduce an Indian tasting menu, presenting plated Indian food served over a series of courses. VBL’s Experience Menu is the culmination of this journey, bringing together Vineet’s Mumbai heritage, global travels and British residence in a refined and unique tasting menu.

Set in a restored Georgian townhouse off the King’s Road in Chelsea, the 32-seat restaurant offers an intimate and relaxed setting, reflecting the heritage and culinary vision of its owners. This vision extends to the new Experience Menu, which showcases dishes that cross borders, evoke nostalgia and harness exciting flavour combinations to forge a new direction for Indian cuisine in London.


At £105 per person, guests can enjoy a tasting menu experience like no other—the menu proceeds with a selection of delicate canapés and ends with an elegant array of desserts. Dishes include Vineet’s unique take on Duck Korma, Patiala Chicken and Chocolate Cure, and can be enjoyed with a wine flight for an additional £70 (£175 per person).

Vineet Bhatia London, 10 Lincoln St, Chelsea, London SW3;

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