PEP Kitchen: Revolutionary Vegan Meals Delivered to Your Door

PEP Kitchen was born to revolutionise the ready meal, inspiring everyone to eat more plant-based food the only way we know how – by creating insanely tasty, PEP’d up, plates of food! Their dishes are 100% vegan, delivered frozen, in sustainable packaging, direct to your doorstep.

Why Plants?

Plant-based ingredients are hugely varied, packed full of nutritious goodness and downright delicious! But if that isn’t enough, eating a plant-based diet is one of the most impactful changes you can make to help fight against climate change. We don’t all have to go vegan overnight, but collectively we need to start making big changes now to preserve our planet for the future.

“At PEP Kitchen we are just trying to make those changes as delicious and easy as possible!”

Why Frozen?

“Freezing allows us to help battle food waste one meal at a time. PEP meals can be reheated from frozen in under 10mins, meaning ready to eat when you are. Keeping things icy in the kitchen also means we don’t have to use unnecessary preservatives, simply cooking like you would at home.”

Who’s Behind PEP Kitchen?

Founders Ben and Joe both graduated from Leith’s School of Food & Wine 1 year apart from each other before meeting as chefs at London restaurant Terroirs. Ben continued his career in restaurants as sous chef at Quo Vadis while Joe became head chef of a South London gastro pub.

Their careers aligned a few years later in the London street food scene. Ben co-founded Middle-Eastern food truck Laffa – while Joe was working in operations for street food market operator, Street Food Union. PEP came about from the shared ambition to create a sustainable food business, accessible to all with some street food soul!

‘Street food has massively inspired our recipe creation at PEP kitchen! It’s all about bringing that fun, energy and flavour to everyday cooking which jumps naturally out of the street food scene and works so well with amazing plant-based ingredients. In a nutshell, we are simply producing food we want to eat, with big flavours that pack a punch!’ – Joe

West London Living’s Verdict

We tried out a delivery of PEP kitchen’s meals and were very impressed. Everything came beautifully packaged, with bright, eye-catching labels that feel cheerful, rather than the usual sinking feeling you get when you resort to a freezer-microwave dinner.

The meals themself were packed full of flavour and colour, and the recurring theme was that they really tasted heartily home-cooked. Not overly salty, or greasy, or bland. Properly seasoned and made with care and attention.

The Jackfruit and Massaman Curry was a personal favourite of Jasmine’s, our tester:

“SO flavourful. Love the subtle but significant kick of chilli that is so well complimented by the creamy, peanutty sauce and the gentle sweetness of dates. Delicious!”

Find out more about PEP Kitchen and order your own meals over at

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