OHMG Water is Wellness in a Can

OHMG Water is a UK-based company that has launched the first functional magnesium water to land on British shores. The range of sparkling waters with ionic magnesium comes in four flavours including Peach & Rosemary, Raspberry & Lemon Balm, Blackcurrant and Echinacea and Original Sparkling. Each can is created using 100% natural fruit extracts and contains zero calories, zero sugars and zero sweeteners as well as having impressive health benefits of magnesium which include relieving anxiety, boosting energy and improving concentration and focus.

Studies have shown that 50% of people don’t get enough magnesium in their diet. Each can of OHMG water contains 60g of triple magnesium which can help you get closer to the recommended daily dosage of this important mineral. Magnesium is known to help with mood, energy levels, muscle and nerve function and sleep.

We’ve tried each of the flavours and can confirm that they are all delicious and refreshing. The perfect wellness boost for summer!

Check it out here: www.ohmgwater.com

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