Spicy Red Head and Mac Daddy

Make your own Burns Night cocktails

The 25th of the month fast approaches, and with it the celebration of Robert Burns and all things Scottish! In honour of Burns Night R&B Distillers have worked together with the Cocktail Trading Company to come up with two cocktails using their characterful whiskies, which will be available to sample at Cocktail Trading Company Smithfield for one night only on Monday 25 January.

If you want to replicate the playful creations at home, recipes are included below:

Mac Daddy

25ml Raasay While We Wait
25ml ginger wine
25ml golden syrup (diluted 1 to 1)
25ml lemon juice

Churn over crushed ice and serve in a golden syrup tin. Garnish with a mint sprig and a brandy snap.

Spicy Red Head 

50ml R&B Borders
75ml spicy ginger beer
Squeeze of lime
25ml red wine float

Serve long in a tumbler. Garnish with big sprig of mint and a deep-fried breadcrumb-coated mini Mars bar as well as a good dusting of icing sugar.


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