Look for and lock down tables in London’s busy restaurants

It’s a problem familiar to Londoners across the city. The scene: Friday night and you’re packing up at work. The dawning horror: you realise that though you promised your other half/colleagues/mates that you’d go out for dinner, you don’t know what they like to eat, half of them are gluten/lactose/meat intolerant and, in the end, you’ve had a procrastination panic, not booked anything and now everywhere looks packed.

Fear not, there’s an innovative solution to this problem at hand: a one-stop shop for restaurant reservations in London and beyond.

In a city that is full to bursting with restaurants and bars teeming with people, navigating them (let alone finding elbow room) can be a bit of a nightmare. When the main alternative to this mess is an equally messy mix of local knowledge, expert Googling and at least a pinch of luck, using an app that lets you find a restaurant with free tables, book online and reserve across the city, and even alert your fellow diners where dinner’s to be had tonight, is a blessing indeed.

Quandoo London

With Quandoo, Europe’s largest restaurant reservation platform, recently landed in London and other major UK metropolitan centres, diners can do exactly that—find and book a restaurant online and guarantee themselves somewhere to eat come Friday evening.

Aside from finally having a reliable means through which to book restaurants, the app (for both iOS and Android) is designed to allow Londoners to discover little-known local gems. Variety ensures that things remain interesting and the Quandoo app covers the whole gamut of cuisines from Thai, Vietnamese or Spanish tapas to German, Indian and Scottish.

Diners can also pick handily tagged indicators of the restaurant’s vibe if they’re looking for a romantic or raucous dining experience, and the kind of price they’re willing to pay, from budget eateries to bank-busting gourmet numbers. Coupled with a handy geolocation function that not only shows your poor, lost and hungry soul where the restaurant is, but also other nearby dining options narrowed down according to your preferences, you’ll not find yourself stuck without a reservation again.

Quandoo geolocation

In a city of transient types, drifting in and out without making much of a mark, it’s nice to be rewarded for your loyalty. As well as being able to take advantage of exclusive offers, discounts and deals, new Quandoo users get 400 loyalty points for signing up to the free-to-use service and each reservation earns you 100 additional points. If you like or hate what you eat, post a review and earn an extra 25 points. Besides using the system to let your buddies know when and where you’ve made your reservation that fateful Friday night, you can also refer a friend—the next time they make a reservation via Quandoo, you’ll receive a 250 point bonus. Once you hit 1000 points you can claim a £10 voucher that can be redeemed at any one of Quandoo’s partner restaurants, giving you another reason to keep coming back time and again.

Simply put, with the help of Quandoo, dining out in London is now a whole lot more convenient, hassle-free, and rewarding.

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