Judge Cookware’s Energy Efficient Solar Scale

Outweighing competitors with their new energy efficient kitchen appliance, Judge cookware are one step ahead with their unique J415 Solar Photovoltaic Scale.

This kitchen digital revolution is altering the sheer effectiveness of home living. Not only does this new product save that much needed time, it also delivers on accuracy and ultimate precision. The product has an impressive zero running cost; forget relying on the warm sunshine for heat; a light bulb will do the job in seconds.

The J415 is sleek and incredibly easy to use. The scale has a weight capacity of 5kg/11lb; an easy-read display screen, metric-imperial conversion, as well as a one-touch unit exchange. The brilliant scale enables you to switch from weighing solids to measuring water, whilst a hygienic wipe-clean platform provides option when weighing containers.

The product is sold gift-boxed with a Judge cookware two-year guarantee. Typical in-store price is £24. Visit the Judge Cookware website for additional information.


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