Introducing the ground-breaking new vegan meal subscription service: Foodhak

Gosh it’s busy at the moment, isn’t it? With an onslaught of things happening, from pandemic to post-pandemic, to heatwaves and energy bills, no wonder so many of us are feeling exhausted! For those of us who barely have the time to get a food shop in let alone cook, we’ve discovered FoodHak.

Launched to the public in January 2022, FoodHak is already transforming meal times with its vegan, ready-to-eat dishes delivered to the door.

The brainchild of entrepreneur Sakshi Chhabra Mittal, this ground-breaking new brand is at the intersection of technology, sustainability, food science and health

Sakshi Chhabra Mittal first came up with the concept that would ultimately become FoodHak when she was pregnant with her first child. Developing a serious health condition which can increase the risk of stillbirths, she was astounded to see the effect that a change in diet had on controlling her symptoms. Deciding to develop her own range of plant-based, sugar-free, anti – inflammatory dishes, all with a low glycemic index, she worked tirelessly with doctors to investigate the links between diet and disease. Armed with this data and an array of antioxidant ingredients, she and her chefs then developed an array of health-focused Indian, Chinese and Mediterranean dishes.

Foodhak combines the latest clinical research on food (no mean feat when about 30,000 papers get published every year) with ingredients renowned for their healing properties to create great-tasting dishes that will boost every aspect of the human body. Whether it’s your immune system, vital organs, blood pressure or cognitive function, the idea is to eat food as medicine so as not to eat medicine as food!

What’s great about it is the lack of fuss needed to prepare the meals. Simply heat up on the stove or in the microwave, and if you’re feeling fancy you can pair them with some rice or quinoa.

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