Easter eggs and treats for chocolate-themed Easter afternoon tea

Easter is a great time to gather with friends and family and celebrate this important occasion together. It also coincides with spring, a season that makes it possible to organise parties outdoors. If you are thinking of celebrating Easter with a themed tea party, here are some useful tips.

How to organise a chocolate themed tea party

Organising an Easter tea party is always an idea that guests will appreciate. To do it best, however, you need to follow the basic rules of tea time:

  • invite guests and give them an appointment at 4:45 p.m.;
  • have everything set up;
  • prepare hot water when it’s time;
  • serve the tea to all the guests.

Having said that, here are 5 valuable tips for a successful Easter tea party.

1.     Choosing Easter eggs as protagonists

Whatever you decide to do, what is certain is that chocolate Easter eggs are a must. In the middle of the table, among the grass in the garden, on the shelves or wherever you prefer: you can place the main attractions of the party anywhere. Venchi’s Easter eggs are perfect for fulfilling the role of tea party queens. Available in various formats and flavours, these chocolate eggs are perfect to be enjoyed during the event or given as gifts to each guest at the end of the party.

2.     Opting for a delicious menu

If it is true that Easter eggs are the stars, it is also true that a delicious accompanying menu cannot be missing. One of the specialities that cannot be missed are Hot Cross Buns, the typical sweet Easter buns that have been distributed on Good Friday since the 14th century.
It is also important to fill the trays with chocolate spreading creams with which to fill the buns, as well as scones, biscuits and cupcakes, also possibly in chocolate.

3.     Setting up a corner of the garden or living room

Whether you have decided on the garden or the living room of your home as the location for your tea party, it doesn’t matter: the main thing to do is to set everything up tastefully and thematically. Since Easter is also synonymous with spring, you can decorate the table with floral centrepieces to be filled with chocolates that everyone can take home at the end of the party, or with a hand-painted glass vase with a beautifully scented bouquet inside. A nice idea is also to create personalised place cards in the shape of an Easter bunny, accompanied by a chocolate egg.

4.     Taking care of the set-up

For tea time on Easter Day, it is a good idea to bring out the most beautiful linen, perhaps decorated with pastel-coloured flowers, and the most elegant porcelain tea service. Soft colours are in fact to be preferred because they are most reminiscent of spring and convey a sober cheerfulness. The decorations, candle holders or cake stands will add a touch of glamour.

5.     Choosing activities to do together

It’s not Easter without an egg hunt. One can organise one by hiding eggs, prepared in advance, around the house or in hidden corners in the garden. You can also have fun with your guests by weaving Easter baskets to be filled at the end with bunnies and chocolate eggs.

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