Discover Madhūka: A Secret Superfood from the Forests of India

This month, exciting new food brand, ōForest, is bringing the unique taste of the Madhūka flower to the UK for the very first time. Already legendary in the communities local to where the Madhuca Longifolia tree is found, the forests of India, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Madhūka is now set to take the UK by storm thanks to its nutty, caramel-like taste and rich nutritional benefits.

ōForest has partnered with carefully selected local farmers to sustainably source the highest premium grade Madhūka, which is hand-harvested, sundried and expertly roasted to intensify the flavour whilst preserving the nutritional value. This is then crafted into the most delicious Nibs, Powders and a range of five Teas, each rich with fibre, vitamins, nutrients and minerals including potassium, manganese and vitamin B3. Plus, all are 100% natural, organic, gluten-free and vegan.

Here’s a rundown on the range…

Madhūka Nibs: With a crunchy texture and sweet-yet-delicate flavour, that’s balanced with darker, maltier notes from being roasted, the Nibs are delicious, enjoyed as a satisfying, on-the-go snack or as a textural topping for breakfast dishes, yoghurts and desserts.

Madhūka Powder: The Powder brings a nutty, caramel flavour to drinks and smoothies and is perfect for blending into porridge. Plus, it’s a great addition to home baking and used as a sprinkling, it brings dishes a natural sweetness.

Madhūka Teas: Sourced from an area with a rich history of tea collection, the Madhūka Teas are perfect for those looking for a great tasting, caffeine-free option. They come in a pure mellow Madhūka option

About the company…

The Madhūka Nibs, Powders and Teas are the first launches from ōForest, an exciting new start-up that’s partnering with small, forest-based producers to bring unique, high-quality products to the UK in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. Testament to this, for the production of Madhūka, ōForest has designed and developed harvesting nets, which help the local producers, their communities and the surrounding environment. Thanks to the nets, a better quality of product is harvested and productivity is quadrupled, the local environment is protected and wastage and carbon emissions are significantly reduced.

ōForest Madhūka is available from

Prices start at £6.95

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