Chinese Takeaway: The New ‘It’ Food in West London

It is no secret that Chinese food has quickly become one of the most popular meal choices in terms of both takeaway and sit-down meals all over the globe—and west London certainly isn’t an exception! Best known for its diversified colours, aromatic smells and varied flavours, you are unlikely to find a Londoner who doesn’t indulge in a bit of sweet and sour pork or Chicken Chow Mein from time to time!

What sets Chinese food apart from other restaurant or takeaway options is the fact that it promises a whirlwind adventure for the senses, particularly the taste buds. Ask any traditional Chinese chef and he or she will tell you that a classic Chinese dish isn’t complete unless it is comprised of 5 main flavours—sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty.

If you’re keen to get a bite to eat and are wondering where in West London you’ll find the very best, most satisfying Chinese food, here are a few of our top picks…

New Fortune Cookie Restaurant: 1 Queensway, London W2 4QJ

If crispy roast duck is what you’re looking for, this is where you’ll find it. The establishment is known for catering to a number of guests all at once without sacrificing on service quality, so you’re sure to receive an excellent meal, as well as a pleasant evening out.

Ping Pong Covent Garden: 23-24 Maiden Lane, London WC2E 7NA

This establishment’s signature dish, if their reviews are anything to go by, is their traditional Dim Sum. They also serve creative cocktails and promise affordable prices. Now everyone can satisfy their Chinese food craving even if they’re a bit tight on cash!

Canton Element Chinese Restaurant: 48 Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4PF

Mouth-watering dishes with an edgy twist is what to expect when stopping by, or ordering a takeaways from, Canton Element Chinese Restaurant in Red Lion Street. Another plus is the fact that you will always see plenty of ethnic diners within the restaurant… so you know for sure that the food is legit!

Red Sun: 2A New Quebec Street, London W1H 7RD

Red Sun is a popular local hangout – and for good reason. Not only is their menu diverse, but they also offer a wide selection of vegetarian delights. In short, there’s always something for everyone to enjoy regardless of dietary preference.

See? West London definitely isn’t short of classic Chinese restaurants. However, if you’re feeling more enthusiastic about a night in spent in front of the telly, as opposed to an evening out on the town, but you still want to enjoy some of the best Chinese chow, why not consider ordering your food via Deliveroo, the London takeaway specialists? With most areas in west London covered, it’ll be delivered to your door in no time.

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